Thunga Thurthi Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part II Nalgonda District in Telangana State

Thunga Thurthi Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part II 
Nalgonda District in Telangana State 

Thunga Thurthi Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part II Nalgonda District in Telangana State

Village Name Sarpanch & Wardmumber Mobile no's
Kukkadam BANOTH RANGAMMA Sarpanch 9000356494
Kukkadam GUNDLA NAGAIAH Upa-Sarpanch 9866817319
Kukkadam BANOTH BUCHALI Ward member 9948748006
Kukkadam BOMMARA POOLAMMA Ward member 9553451547
Kukkadam GANDHASIRI SWAROOPA Ward member 9557368261
Kukkadam KODI VENKANNA Ward member 8500080307
Kukkadam LINGAMPALLY SRISHYLAM Ward member 9866894350
Kukkadam NAKIREKANTI RAMULAMMA Ward member 9391746931
Kukkadam PASUPULAYTI SRINIVAS Ward member 9849409757
Kukkadam PULUGUJJA SAIDHAMMA Ward member 9959763286
Kukkadam PULUGUJJA SAMMAKKA Ward member 9959849566
Kukkadam SHILIVERI PADMA Ward member 9550160134
Kukkadam VENNAMALLA BHASKAR Ward member 9908858020
Manapur L BEEMUDU Sarpanch 9959204922
Manapur B BALU Upa-Sarpanch 9666595063
Manapur B DEVA Ward member 9573502941
Manapur B HACHI Ward member 9989492937
Manapur B JYOTHI Ward member 9948532894
Manapur B MANJULA Ward member 9000929187
Manapur J EJI Ward member 8008042268
Manapur L KOTA Ward member 9989492937
Manapur L PANTHU Ward member 9989492937
Manapur L THARA Ward member 9989492937
Manapur S BUJJI Ward member 9000929187
Pasnur T.UMARANI Sarpanch 9989009076
Pasnur CH.LAKSHIMI Ward member 9704850340
Pasnur CH.MANEMMA Ward member 8106624996
Pasnur CH.RAMULU Ward member 9000751003
Pasnur CH.SAIDULU Ward member 9908849942
Pasnur K.UPENDRA Ward member 9177914471
Pasnur M.MAHESWARI Ward member 9963390576
Pasnur M.PRAVINUKIMAR Ward member 9866345339
Pasnur N.MAMATHA Ward member 9494812218
Pasnur P.PADMA Ward member 9948237548
Pasnur SK.MAIBUBI Ward member 9959646899
Pasnur V.SUVARANA Ward member 9000960825
Pasthala A.renuka Sarpanch 9618509984
Pasthala B.Padam Ward member 9052727554
Pasthala B.Somanarshamma Ward member 9963879057
Pasthala CH.Ramesh Ward member 9553040645
Pasthala K.Narshaiah Ward member 9949296684
Pasthala k.sumalatha Ward member 9701016697
Pasthala N.mallaiah Ward member 8797730290
Pasthala P.Ramana Ward member 9949719326
Pasthala T.Sampurna Ward member 9701687751
Pasthala V.venkanna Ward member 9573447432
Pasthala V.Yesuratnam Ward member 9177132595
Ramachandrapuram A.pramila Sarpanch 8106264802
Ramachandrapuram v.magamma Upa-Sarpanch 9392071770
Ramachandrapuram b.mallaiah Ward member 0
Ramachandrapuram b.Ramesh Ward member 9849734019
Ramachandrapuram k.mallaiah Ward member 0
Ramachandrapuram K.Mallamma Ward member 0
Ramachandrapuram k.shekar Ward member 0
Ramachandrapuram v.anitha Ward member 0
Ramachandrapuram V.Yakamma Ward member 9676943736
Ravula Palle R. BALAJI Sarpanch 9000356385
Ravula Palle G. VEERAMMA Upa-Sarpanch 9989492937
Ravula Palle CH. SOMAIAH Ward member 8008992390
Ravula Palle CH. VENKANNA Ward member 8499929732
Ravula Palle CH. YAKAIAH Ward member 8499929202
Ravula Palle D. KALAMMA Ward member 9989492937
Ravula Palle G. PAPULU Ward member 9989492937
Ravula Palle K. MAIBUBA Ward member 9394333720
Ravula Palle N. LALITHA Ward member 9951465606
Ravula Palle P. SAIDAMMA Ward member 8499929202
Ravula Palle S. YAKAIAH Ward member 9959697496
Reddiguda D.Poolamma Sarpanch 9000098691
Reddiguda B.Anjaiah Upa-Sarpanch 9989579574
Reddiguda B.Venkanna Ward member 9640452451
Reddiguda D.Mallesh yadav Ward member 9908423167
Reddiguda D.Surjanamma Ward member 9676996559
Reddiguda G.Gangaiah Ward member 9652899417
Reddiguda M.Yakaiah Ward member 7702385545
Reddiguda N.Susila Ward member 9701993914
Reddiguda P.Somakka Ward member 9701156153
Reddiguda V.Gangamma Ward member 8978092048
Sangem Jatangi Mallamma Sarpanch 9347028669
Sangem Miryala Keshavulu Upa-Sarpanch 9652210922
Sangem Badavath Ramulu Ward member 0
Sangem Chedupaka Yallamma Ward member 8978943701
Sangem Gugulothu Rajamma Ward member 9505067713
Sangem Jatangi Bixamamma Ward member 8790718914
Sangem Jatangi Laxmamma Ward member 9603742136
Sangem Jatangi Narsimha Ward member 9949302737
Sangem Mididoddi Venkanna Ward member 9705740765
Sangem Miryala Anitha Ward member 9959567300
Sangem Yeshamalla Prasad Ward member 9177303080
Thungathurthi CH MALLAMMA Sarpanch 9652119255
Thungathurthi V NARAYANA Upa-Sarpanch 9949561389
Thungathurthi A BHASKAR Ward member 9908087910
Thungathurthi A SANJEEVA Ward member 9704125755
Thungathurthi B KOUSALYA Ward member 9949561291
Thungathurthi CH PADMA Ward member 9618179964
Thungathurthi G ARUNA Ward member 9989960230
Thungathurthi J KALAMMA Ward member 9618515597
Thungathurthi K VENKANNA Ward member 9949498735
Thungathurthi M KAVITHA Ward member 9989161139
Thungathurthi M MANGAMMA Ward member 9573169468
Thungathurthi M SUDHAKARA Ward member 9948303758
Thungathurthi T MANGAMMA Ward member 9989162923
Thungathurthi V LINGAIAH Ward member 8374577196
Thungathurthi V VENKANNA Ward member 9963391294
Thurupuguda Thotla srinivas Sarpanch 9441823188
Thurupuguda Gujja Laxmanarao Upa-Sarpanch 7702166362
Thurupuguda Annupureddy Narsaiah Ward member 9989307768
Thurupuguda Dasari Maheswari Ward member 0
Thurupuguda Goroju Ravi Ward member 0
Thurupuguda Gujja Laxmanarao Ward member 7702166362
Thurupuguda Gundagani Mallaiah Ward member 9441274234
Thurupuguda Gundagani Venkanna Ward member 9949298446
Thurupuguda Guniganti subhadra Ward member 0
Thurupuguda Konatam Padma Ward member 0
Thurupuguda Lingampalli Lingamma Ward member 8106475598
Thurupuguda Lingampalli sunitha Ward member 8374537133
Velug Palle Salvadi Somakka Sarpanch 8142464195
Velug Palle bhukya Sunitha Upa-Sarpanch 8897269666
Velug Palle Gudipati Veeramma Ward member 7036008604
Velug Palle Gudugu Anjaiah Ward member 9949229039
Velug Palle gugulothu Saidulu Ward member 8096172968
Velug Palle Jakkula Venkatamma Ward member 9849688553
Velug Palle Kummari Lingaiah Ward member 9989649317
Velug Palle Mamidi Venkanna Ward member 9989979458
Velug Palle Murigadudula Laxmi Ward member 0
Velug Palle Mutyala Anasurya Ward member 9885223902
Velug Palle sargam Amrutha Ward member 9441702827
Velug Palle Yenuthula Sujatha Ward member 9676616791
Velug Palle Yenuthula yallamma Ward member 9908615329
Vempati K NAGAIAH Sarpanch 9704449110
Vempati G KANTHI Upa-Sarpanch 9849979803
Vempati B VENKANNA Ward member 9676220210
Vempati CH SOMAIAH Ward member 9959118635
Vempati D RAMESH Ward member 9959131950
Vempati G KALAMMA Ward member 9550579294
Vempati G KRANTHI Ward member 7893844137
Vempati G RAGHU Ward member 8374627116
Vempati G RAVI Ward member 9963848023
Vempati J MUTHAIAH Ward member 9959353625
Vempati K VEERAMMA Ward member 9177301250
Vempati R CHANDRAKALA Ward member 9963561934
Vempati R SOMALINGA Ward member 9705233877
Vempati T JAYAMMA Ward member 9502548005
Vempati V SUDHAKAR Ward member 9701956088
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