Boath Mandal Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Ward member Mobile Numbers List Adilabad District in Telangana State

Boath Mandal Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Ward member Mobile Numbers List Adilabad District in Telangana State
Boath Mandal Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Ward member Mobile Numbers List Adilabad District in Telangana State
Village Name Sarpanch |
 Upa-Sarpanch |
 Ward member
Mobile no's
Anduru RATHNAPURAM MANGAMMA Sarpanch 8790827659
Anduru JADHAV DEVUBAI Upa-Sarpanch 9550185855
Anduru ADE PARSURAM Ward member 9550194970
Anduru JADHAV BABULAL Ward member 8179435452
Anduru JADHAV NEERABAI Ward member 8374884804
Anduru MESHRAM SUNITHA Ward member 8106201308
Anduru NAITHAM ABHIMAN Ward member 8179872049
Anduru PAWAR SUNITHA Ward member 9494579034
Anduru SIDAM GODAWARI Ward member 9652146563
Anduru SIDAM SEETHARAM Ward member 9440131477
Babera jamunabhai Sarpanch 9440549195
Babera A.SUDARSHAN Upa-Sarpanch 8500550674
Babera G.BHEEMRAO Ward member 9440314347
Babera G.BHUMABHAI Ward member 9492671598
Babera J.LAXMIBHAI Ward member 9440743014
Babera K.PALLAVI Ward member 8331921537
Babera P.LINGU Ward member 9440549195
Babera P.TUKARAM Ward member 9492365415
Babera R.LATABHAI Ward member 8332845341
Babera R.PANCHAPULA Ward member 8500995727
Babera R.RAMESH Ward member 9441530334
Boath (B) M.SUNITHA Sarpanch 9676221078
Boath (B) SK.PASHA Upa-Sarpanch 9441017988
Boath (B) CHAND BEE Ward member 9490026437
Boath (B) C.LINGAREDDY Ward member 9440954290
Boath (B) D.MALLESH Ward member 8106286811
Boath (B) D.NARSAIAH Ward member 9490936285
Boath (B) G.NEERAJA Ward member 9441119142
Boath (B) KHALID AHEMAD Ward member 9441159117
Boath (B) K.PALLAVI Ward member 9533114680
Boath (B) K.PUSHPA Ward member 9010809730
Boath (B) M.GOPI Ward member 9490997992
Boath (B) M.SAYANNA Ward member 9502604268
Boath (B) O.SAVITRI Ward member 9441364853
Boath (B) P.VIJAYA Ward member 9704094236
Boath (B) REHANABEGUM Ward member 9490136682
Boath (B) S.PADMA Ward member 9951009064
Boath (B) S.VENKATARAMANA Ward member 9441894915
Chintalbori R.CHANDRAKALA Sarpanch 9963740128
Chintalbori M.VINODKUMAR Upa-Sarpanch 9399919025
Chintalbori A.GANGUBAI Ward member 8008235998
Chintalbori D.ATHMMARAM Ward member 9963740128
Chintalbori G.ANITHAKALA Ward member 9963740128
Chintalbori J.ROHIDAS Ward member 9908374506
Chintalbori J.SULOCHANA Ward member 9701435432
Chintalbori R.HARILAAL Ward member 9502981536
Chintalbori R.MANGUBAI Ward member 9963740128
Chintalbori R.UTTHAMSING Ward member 9963740128
Dhannur (B) B LAXMI Sarpanch 9640162417
Dhannur (B) P GANGARAM Upa-Sarpanch 9010279437
Dhannur (B) A GANGAIAH Ward member 8978571798
Dhannur (B) B SAROJINI Ward member 9948396004
Dhannur (B) B VIJAYA LAXMI Ward member 9502991563
Dhannur (B) G SANDHYA Ward member 9010743763
Dhannur (B) J CHANDRA SEKHAR REDDY Ward member 8978568711
Dhannur (B) K SHOBHA RANI Ward member 9618014334
Dhannur (B) K SHOBHA RANI Ward member 9618014334
Dhannur (B) N LINGAMMA Ward member 8008771074
Dhannur (B) P BHEEMAIAH Ward member 9948096494
Dhannur (B) S ISHWARYA Ward member 8096672792
Dhannur (B) S PAPAIAH Ward member 9640218175
Dhannur (B) T BHOJANNA Ward member 9676145964
Ghanpur Jadhav Sakuntala Sarpanch 9948213473
Ghanpur Soyam Ramu Upa-Sarpanch 9963904364
Ghanpur Chawan Sarojanabai Ward member 9748213473
Ghanpur Jadhav Sangeetha Ward member 9494304715
Ghanpur Mesram Purushotham Ward member 8500644380
Ghanpur Namwade Mahadu Ward member 9948213473
Ghanpur Rathod Neelabai Ward member 8500222512
Ghanpur Wagmare Archana Ward member 9494304731
Kangutta Kummari Saritha Sarpanch 9449013982
Kangutta Navvya Ravinder Upa-Sarpanch 9440018694
Kangutta Gaddala Narayan Ward member 9440018694
Kangutta Kala Ward member 9440018694
Kangutta Kammari Kala Ward member 9440018694
Kangutta Kotadi Adellu Ward member 9440018694
Kangutta K. Venkataramana Ward member 9440018694
Kangutta Latha Sree Ward member 9440018694
Kangutta Munegela Susheela Ward member 9440018694
Kangutta Nalla Madhukar Ward member 9440018694
Kangutta Vadla Ramesh Ward member 9440018694
Karathwada KODAPA VIJAY Sarpanch 9490998021
Karathwada D.SUNANADA Upa-Sarpanch 7382204388
Karathwada DONGARI KAVITHA Ward member 8179688996
Karathwada D.RAVI Ward member 9502720709
Karathwada G.BHEEMRAO Ward member 9490998021
Karathwada LAXMAREDDY Ward member 8179688996
Karathwada MANDADI SAVITRI Ward member 9490998021
Karathwada M.CHINNAKKA Ward member 8332800684
Karathwada M.JANGUBHAI Ward member 8500962710
Karathwada M.LAKSHMIBHAI Ward member 9491673545
Karathwada M.MARUTIRAO Ward member 8179688996
Kowtha K. GEETHA Sarpanch 9492642804
Kowtha S. RAM REDDY Upa-Sarpanch 9492873594
Kowtha A. NIRMALA BAI Ward member 8179303275
Kowtha D. LASMANNA Ward member 9701196867
Kowtha G. SURENDER Ward member 9492480274
Kowtha K. LAVANNYA Ward member 8179471273
Kowtha M. SARITHA Ward member 8897319989
Kowtha N. ANUSUYA Ward member 8790558941
Kowtha P. PRAHALAD Ward member 9491292098
Kowtha P. USHANNA Ward member 9492642804
Kowtha S. SRINIVAS Ward member 9989121224
Kowtha V. LAXMI Ward member 9652950989
Kowtha Y. RANI Ward member 9494027144
Kuchalapur T. ANASUYA Sarpanch 8500750609
Kuchalapur S. RAVINDER REDDY Upa-Sarpanch 8187852930
Kuchalapur A. GANGADEVI Ward member 9652084157
Kuchalapur A. LAXMI Ward member
Kuchalapur B. NARAYANA Ward member 7658998722
Kuchalapur B. SWAMY Ward member 9492739629
Kuchalapur K. BHUMAVVA Ward member 8499006246
Kuchalapur K. MALLAIAH Ward member 9492365423
Kuchalapur K. SARITHA Ward member 9492365419
Kuchalapur K. SUSHEELA Ward member 9553634057
Kuchalapur M. GANGAIAH Ward member 9490919615
Marlapalle R RAMU Sarpanch 9493749278
Marlapalle L.KAMALAKAR Upa-Sarpanch 9492666774
Marlapalle K.BHOJA BAI Ward member 0
Marlapalle L.RUKMA BAI Ward member 0
Marlapalle N.BHUMANNA Ward member 0
Marlapalle P.REVATHI Ward member 0
Marlapalle R.LAXMI Ward member 0
Marlapalle R.SRINIVAS Ward member 0
Marlapalle U.LAXMI Ward member 0
Nigini ATRAM PURNA BHAI Sarpanch 8333069362
Nigini J.RAMARAO Upa-Sarpanch 9440143271
Nigini ADE PRAKASH Ward member 8333069362
Nigini B.MOHAN Ward member 8500152688
Nigini J.REKHABHAI Ward member 9491382762
Nigini K.JANGU Ward member 9492664653
Nigini M.GANGAMANI Ward member 9492668247
Nigini M.RADHABHAI Ward member 8333069362
Nigini N.NAGAMANI Ward member 8500550322
Pardi (K) GADACHANDA GANGAMMA Sarpanch 9440742001
Pardi (K) ATHRAM SHANKAR Upa-Sarpanch 9000648627
Pardi (K) A BASKAR Ward member 8333865728
Pardi (K) CH SHOBHA Ward member 9963736570
Pardi (K) DARASINGH Ward member 9000648627
Pardi (K) GURUDARSINGH Ward member 9963736570
Pardi (K) P PARVATHIBAI Ward member 8374916195
Pardi (K) P SANDYATHA BAI Ward member 9951055281
Pardi (K) SURYAKALA Ward member 9963736570
Patnapur K.GANGADHER Sarpanch 9492540423
Patnapur A.SUVARNA Upa-Sarpanch 8500742863
Patnapur A.BHEEMLAL Ward member 7382164790
Patnapur G.PURUSHOTHAM Ward member 9492129284
Patnapur K.DEVUBAI Ward member 9493806401
Patnapur K.SUMITHRA Ward member 8500749559
Patnapur M.JANGU BAI Ward member 9440039105
Patnapur P.BHUMANNA Ward member 0
Patnapur P.SUGUNA Ward member 8978627742
Pochera Gaddam diwakar Reddy Sarpanch 9848757909
Pochera kotturu Anasuya Upa-Sarpanch 8790892129
Pochera Allam Laxmi Ward member 9948161344
Pochera badala Sumalata Ward member 9441829116
Pochera Baddam Venkata Ramana Reddy Ward member 9490201363
Pochera Bembari Ramana Ward member 9652304968
Pochera Chintala Potha Reddy Ward member 9490775485
Pochera Dhanalaxmi Ward member 9491745853
Pochera Mailarapu Sharada Ward member 9603238297
Pochera Palle Naveen Ward member 8500550302
Pochera Putti Ramesh Ward member 9908099730
Sakhera M.RAJESHWAR Sarpanch 9440441376
Sakhera J.BALIRAM Upa-Sarpanch 7702149259
Sakhera GNANESHWAR Ward member 9955088395
Sakhera H.DILEEP Ward member 9951724791
Sakhera H.MANJULA Ward member 9505494241
Sakhera J.RUPA Ward member 9494025669
Sakhera J.SUDHAKAR Ward member 9553391612
Sakhera K.RUKMA Ward member 9948851019
Sakhera KUMARSNGH Ward member 9542671584
Sakhera R.SAVITRIBHAI Ward member 9618628175
Sakhera SAVITHABHAI Ward member 9550130787
Sonala S. BAPURAO Sarpanch 9908561044
Sonala G. SRINIVAS Upa-Sarpanch 8374296463
Sonala B. ADELLA Ward member 9954800797
Sonala B. CHADRAMOHAN Ward member 9505137959
Sonala B. GODAVARI Ward member 9573915666
Sonala C. KAVITHA Ward member 9676958139
Sonala K. PANCHAPULA Ward member 9493805567
Sonala K. POTHANNA Ward member 9989414059
Sonala K. SONY Ward member 9573706847
Sonala L. POSHETTY Ward member 9440203870
Sonala M. GORIYA BAI Ward member 9618811676
Sonala N. SAVITHA Ward member 9652369728
Sonala R. SADANANDAM Ward member 8008875838
Sonala T. KALAVATHI Ward member 9912524551
Sonala T. SRIKANTH Ward member 9704727318
Wajar Smt K Subhadra bai Sarpanch 9493806554
Wajar Sri G Bandu Upa-Sarpanch 9666258306
Wajar Smt P Lalu bai Ward member 0
Wajar Smt S Laxmi bai Ward member 8179838074
Wajar Smt S Purna bai Ward member 9493916408
Wajar Smt S Radha bai Ward member 9652630183
Wajar Smt T Rukma bai Ward member 0
Wajar sri M Narendar Ward member 8331052138
Wajar Sri S Gangaram Ward member 8106955355
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