Gudihathnur Mandal Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Ward member Mobile Numbers List Adilabad District in Telangana State

Gudihathnur Mandal Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Ward member Mobile Numbers List Adilabad District in Telangana State

Gudihathnur Mandal Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Ward member Mobile Numbers List Adilabad District in Telangana State

Village Name Sarpanch |
Upa-Sarpanch |
Ward member
Mobile no's
Gudihathinur G.NIRMALA Sarpanch 9885553738
Gudihathinur S.SIDDARTHA Upa-Sarpanch 9492540435
Gudihathinur ADE.ANASUYA Ward member 9885553738
Gudihathinur CHANDRAKALA Ward member 9885553738
Gudihathinur CH PREMSAGAR Ward member 9885925166
Gudihathinur KANAKA.RENUKA Ward member 9676516687
Gudihathinur KARAD VANDANA Ward member 8985575397
Gudihathinur RATHOD HARI Ward member 9885921802
Gudihathinur S.ANAND Ward member 9885355381
Gudihathinur SINDHUBAI Ward member 9885553738
Gudihathinur SK.HARSHAD Ward member 9966638410
Gudihathinur T.GANGU Ward member 8142155688
Gudihathinur T.LAXMAN Ward member 9666323383
Gudihathinur T.NAGUBAI Ward member 9885553738
Gudihathinur T.SHANKARAMMA Ward member 9885553738
Kamala Pur N.Gangadevi Sarpanch 9492125463
Kamala Pur MALLESH Upa-Sarpanch 8374095443
Kamala Pur B RUKMA Ward member 9494945771
Kamala Pur B SAGAR Ward member 9985584464
Kamala Pur K KAMSABAI Ward member 9866436150
Kamala Pur K SUGUNA DEVI Ward member 9885385692
Kamala Pur M LAXMI Ward member 7893936987
Kamala Pur N KISHAN Ward member 9603895918
Kamala Pur RAMBAI Ward member 8897018302
Kamala Pur S SWAMY Ward member 9963071048
Kamala Pur T RAJUBAI Ward member 8008598463
Kolhari Sontake. Balaji Sarpanch 7893198268
Kolhari Munde. Sudhakar Upa-Sarpanch 9440366874
Kolhari B. Laxmi bai Ward member 8374221973
Kolhari D. Udhav Ward member 9449003527
Kolhari G. Pulabai Ward member 9701752581
Kolhari K. Anusuya bai Ward member 9866298796
Kolhari K. Laxmi bai Ward member 9397382061
Kolhari R. Prema Ward member 9550063339
Kolhari R. Ram Ward member 9490354560
Kolhari T. Lalu Ward member 8106391781
Kolhari W. Madhav Ward member 9912326122
Lingapur Narvate. Varsha Sarpanch 8498800413
Lingapur N. Bhuchanna Upa-Sarpanch 9652951244
Lingapur B. Savitha Ward member 9492564021
Lingapur Kamble. Kanthabai Ward member 8500742654
Lingapur K. Hasanrao Ward member 9441541426
Lingapur K. Jangu Ward member 8008833492
Lingapur T. Subash Ward member 9493655078
Lingapur T. Susheelabai Ward member 9849560527
Lingapur U. Yamuna Ward member 9966342845
Machapur rathodd prathap Sarpanch 9440589883
Machapur ashraf alli Upa-Sarpanch 9440562611
Machapur A anitha Ward member 9985799418
Machapur D vanitha Ward member 9640466394
Machapur Madavi jangu Ward member 9010485970
Machapur Meerabai Ward member 9642158754
Machapur O venkati Ward member 9490917725
Machapur p roja Ward member 9440038114
Machapur Sujetha Ward member 9848231588
Machapur thusiram Ward member 9848577321
Machapur T Shyamrao Ward member 9440247935
Mannur M.JALANDER Sarpanch 9490561920
Mannur K.SHYAM RAO Upa-Sarpanch 9492137451
Mannur D.RAVIKUMAR Ward member 9441867688
Mannur G.LAXMI Ward member 9440037079
Mannur K.ANITHA Ward member 9493543825
Mannur K.ANURADHA Ward member 7382414883
Mannur K.BALAJI Ward member 9493380110
Mannur K.LAXMIBAI Ward member 9493265612
Mannur K.SHAMBU Ward member 9959038192
Mannur K.VIJAYA Ward member 9490561920
Mannur K.VISHNU Ward member 8106208545
Mannur M.BHEEM RAO Ward member 9490561920
Mannur P.LALITHA Ward member 9704155302
Mannur S.BALAJI Ward member 9490561920
Mannur S PANCHASHEELA Ward member 9440925683
Muthnur Jadav.Sulochana Sarpanch 8106383663
Muthnur Nakka.Bhumanna Upa-Sarpanch 8897788285
Muthnur Dommati.Rajamani Ward member 9866290868
Muthnur Gedam.Vijaykumar Ward member 9866714949
Muthnur Kamble.Alka Ward member 9052269242
Muthnur Mulojikar.Sridar Ward member 9703219987
Muthnur Munde.Vishnukanth Ward member 9052420911
Muthnur Pawar.Mallahari Ward member 9177369012
Muthnur Rathod.Changunabai Ward member 7893198730
Muthnur Sidam.Seethabai Ward member 7893198284
Muthnur Veladi.Panchapula Ward member 9573474767
Seetagondi U KAMALA Sarpanch 9603169735
Seetagondi S CHINNAYYA Upa-Sarpanch 9966307451
Seetagondi A NEELA Ward member 8897319008
Seetagondi K JAYARAM Ward member 9010286005
Seetagondi K SRILATHA Ward member 8142235620
Seetagondi K SRINIVAS Ward member 9985760226
Seetagondi MD ASIF Ward member 9010286005
Seetagondi M JANGUBAI Ward member 9550280030
Seetagondi P NEELA Ward member 9550278132
Seetagondi T BAPURAO Ward member 9550280030
Seetagondi U VACTHALA Ward member 9603169735
Shantapur J.Vijaykumar Sarpanch 9553891003
Shantapur P.Marubai Upa-Sarpanch 7382166032
Shantapur G.Kallabai Ward member 9490025129
Shantapur G.Ravindar Ward member 9441403516
Shantapur J.Srinivas Ward member 9951149265
Shantapur L.Darmaraj Ward member 9440726089
Shantapur M.Nagorao Ward member 9491837225
Shantapur M.Seeta Bai Ward member 9490998082
Shantapur M.Sundara bai Ward member 9573873781
Shantapur S.Premsing Ward member 8331903203
Shantapur W.Mangala bai Ward member 9666789819
Tosham jangubai Sarpanch 9492540848
Tosham B.Surekha Upa-Sarpanch 9440511397
Tosham Afsar b Ward member 9989387585
Tosham C.Neela bai Ward member 8500551609
Tosham k.Anusuya Ward member 9704362248
Tosham K.Lalitha Ward member 9441994433
Tosham K.Rajaram Ward member 9494311734
Tosham K.Subhadra Ward member 9493344805
Tosham Mahendar Ward member 8106545211
Tosham Mazeed Ward member 9542937762
Tosham M.Ramu Ward member 9676534529
Tosham Nithishkumar Ward member 9492130691
Tosham Premsingh Ward member 8500023955
Umri B S.Suguna bai Sarpanch 9010796613
Umri B SK.Rahim Upa-Sarpanch 9492131904
Umri B K.Jaru Bai Ward member 8985029042
Umri B K.Kashiram Ward member 9490659849
Umri B M.Beem Bai Ward member 9492370084
Umri B M.Syam rao Ward member 8985209214
Umri B P.Bhudevi Ward member 8374611405
Umri B R.S Jangu Ward member 8374767235
Umri B U.Drupatha bai Ward member 9010796613
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