Inderavelly Mandal Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Ward member Mobile Numbers List Adilabad District in Telangana State

Inderavelly Mandal Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Ward member Mobile Numbers List Adilabad District in Telangana State

Inderavelly Mandal Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Ward member Mobile Numbers List Adilabad District in Telangana State

Village Name

Sarpanch |
Upa-Sarpanch |
Ward member
Mobile no's
Dasnapur MAHADUBAI Sarpanch 9490140711
Dasnapur P.NANESHWAR Upa-Sarpanch 7032461760
Dasnapur INDRU DEV Ward member 9490070977
Dasnapur JUGADI RAO Ward member 9704633941
Dasnapur LALITHA Ward member 7032305233
Dasnapur LAXMI Ward member 8978844187
Dasnapur M.INDRADHAR Ward member 9490070977
Dasnapur PANCHA TULASI Ward member 9490942171
Dasnapur PURNA BAI Ward member 7893832714
Dasnapur SANTHOSH Ward member 9493301171
Dasnapur SAYA BAI Ward member 8374213198
Dasnapur TULSI RAM Ward member 9951786442
Devapur PAMDRAM LAXMI BAI Sarpanch 9494025887
Devapur M JANAK RAO Upa-Sarpanch 9493752754
Devapur A.RAMBAI Ward member 9493657348
Devapur A.RAMESH Ward member 9573796501
Devapur K.CHANDRA KALA Ward member 9491043530
Devapur K.CHITRU Ward member 9490631160
Devapur K.INDRA BAI Ward member 8096805201
Devapur K.MEERA BAI Ward member 9491162221
Devapur K.SUSHILA BAI Ward member 9490091034
Devapur P.SATTUBAI Ward member 9491462871
Devapur T.ABIMAN Ward member 9492282371
Dhannura (B) J.JAMUNA NAIK Sarpanch 9490036727
Dhannura (B) N.SANTHOSH Upa-Sarpanch 9603246712
Dhannura (B) D.PRAVEEN Ward member 9490036727
Dhannura (B) G.SANTHOSH Ward member 9666900592
Dhannura (B) J.LALITHA Ward member 9493256297
Dhannura (B) K. ARCHANA Ward member 9603246712
Dhannura (B) M.JAYASRI Ward member 8985452219
Dhannura (B) P.JAYESHKUMAR Ward member 8897735935
Dhannura (B) R.MEERABAI Ward member 8374221279
Dhannura (B) S.MANIKRAO Ward member 9490036727
Dhannura (B) S.SUMANBAI Ward member 9493008211
Dhannura (B) Y.PRAKASH Ward member 9490881428
Dodadna D Anasuya Sarpanch 8500151174
Dodadna Ch Bheem Rao Upa-Sarpanch 9491299510
Dodadna Ch Tulasi Bai Ward member 8897775668
Dodadna J Raghunath Ward member 9493658650
Dodadna J Yashwanth Rao Ward member 9912231821
Dodadna K Dev Rao Ward member 9492369233
Dodadna K Heeru Bai Ward member 9493694396
Dodadna K Muthi Bai Ward member 9949907561
Dodadna M Seetu Bai Ward member 8500551378
Dodadna P Bhuju Bai Ward member 9493288957
Dodadna P Manik rao Ward member 7893198680
Ginnera ADE VIJAY Sarpanch 9676252795
Ginnera PENDUR JANGUBAI Upa-Sarpanch 8897019494
Ginnera ADE VIKAS Ward member 9441277325
Ginnera ATHRAM TURPA BAI Ward member 9706563378
Ginnera CHAVAN JITENDAR Ward member 9676881540
Ginnera JADHAV DATTARAM Ward member 9959317705
Ginnera KOTNAKA RADHA BAI Ward member 9441995481
Ginnera KUMRA KESHAV RAO Ward member 9573512890
Ginnera MADAVI DEV BAI Ward member 9490140156
Ginnera SOYAM GIRIJA BAI Ward member 9493833575
Gourapur MADAVI SUNGU Sarpanch 9490349112
Gourapur SAABLE CHAGAN Upa-Sarpanch 9010086310
Gourapur A.BHUMBAI Ward member 9999999999
Gourapur B.KOTMA BAI Ward member 9999999999
Gourapur CH.LACHMU Ward member 9999999999
Gourapur G.SUMAN GAI Ward member 9999999999
Gourapur K.PANDURANG Ward member 9999999999
Gourapur PAROTKAR VAIDYANATH Ward member 9999999999
Gourapur P.KRISHNA Ward member 9999999999
Gourapur SAKIYABAI Ward member 9999999999
Gourapur S.SATTUBAI Ward member 9999999999
Indervelly B KORENGA GANDHARI Sarpanch 9705995190
Indervelly B KENDRE NAMDEV Upa-Sarpanch 9441590041
Indervelly B CH ANUSAYA Ward member 8978894135
Indervelly B GEDAM GODABAI Ward member 9999999999
Indervelly B K DRUPATHABAI Ward member 8897129089
Indervelly B KODAPA BAPURAO Ward member 9010978248
Indervelly B K SHANTHOSH Ward member 8008062074
Indervelly B M INDRU Ward member 9676531603
Indervelly B M KAMALABAI Ward member 8096740154
Indervelly B MORE DASRATH Ward member 9494844621
Indervelly B PENDUR BHEEMRAO Ward member 8374210271
Indervelly B P VISHAL Ward member 9014215505
Indervelly B SARSABAI Ward member 8985699361
Indervelly B WAGMARE PRAYAGABAI Ward member 9676102130
Indervelly B WAMANRAO Ward member 9441516762
Indervelly B YEDULWAR BARKUBAI Ward member 8897129089
Indervelly B YELTHURI SHANTHA Ward member 8500908803
Keslapur MESRAM NAGANATH Sarpanch 9490354794
Keslapur H K BHEEM RAO Upa-Sarpanch 9573759108
Keslapur DAKURE PANDIT RAO Ward member 9491865872
Keslapur D.KANCHANA BAI Ward member 8886493903
Keslapur H K RAMBHA BAI Ward member 9999999999
Keslapur JADHAV SAVITRI BAI Ward member 9999999999
Keslapur MESRAM CHAITANYA Ward member 9490183602
Keslapur MESRAM PRAVEEN Ward member 9177223048
Keslapur M.KAMESHWARI Ward member 9999999999
Keslapur M.YASHODA BAI Ward member 9490090845
Keslapur RATHOD RAVI DAS Ward member 7032304948
Keslapur THODASAM SAGAR Ward member 7893897122
Keslapur VEMULA USHANNA Ward member 9999999999
Muthnur TUMRAM TARAMATI Sarpanch 9908268108
Muthnur KENDRE BALAJI Upa-Sarpanch 9704433322
Muthnur DONAGONDA NARSIMLU Ward member 9490137644
Muthnur GANGA DEVI Ward member 9494579704
Muthnur HK.PARUBAI Ward member 8790671613
Muthnur K.SHANTHA BHAI Ward member 9573869782
Muthnur K.VENKATA RAMANA Ward member 8712312366
Muthnur M.K.ANKUSH Ward member 9676734123
Muthnur RAMBA BAI Ward member 9704427790
Muthnur SIRSAT PRAHLAD Ward member 8106825267
Muthnur YAMUNA BAI Ward member 9676105339
Pochampalle P VIJAYA LAXMI Sarpanch 8500449022
Pochampalle P JANGUBAI Upa-Sarpanch 7702413624
Pochampalle A SUJATHA BAI Ward member 8978441292
Pochampalle B PANTHI BAI Ward member 9490875435
Pochampalle CH NARSU BAI Ward member 8978441292
Pochampalle K NAGO RAO Ward member 9441535026
Pochampalle K RAGHURAM Ward member 8106847380
Pochampalle M NAGO RAO Ward member 8985119740
Pochampalle P GANGARAM Ward member 9701989678
Pochampalle P SUSHIL BAI Ward member 8897677947
Pochampalle R JIJIA BAI Ward member 9493751240
Rampur B PAWAR SRAVAN Sarpanch 9492755965
Rampur B SARJABAI Upa-Sarpanch 0
Rampur B DURVA MARUTHI Ward member 0
Rampur B KAMBLE SAMBAJI Ward member 0
Rampur B LOKANDE NILABAI Ward member 0
Rampur B MADAVI SAVITHRABAI Ward member 0
Rampur B MESRAM THULSIRAM Ward member 0
Rampur B MORE BALVANTHRAO Ward member 0
Rampur B MUNGAPU YELLAIAH Ward member 0
Rampur B PAWAR DHANSINGH Ward member 0
Rampur B PAWAR PREMABAI Ward member 0
Tejapur M.Kameshwari Sarpanch 9494945930
Tejapur S.Shyam rao Upa-Sarpanch 9440723164
Tejapur A.Seethabai Ward member 9701975498
Tejapur B.Prakash Ward member 9440744824
Tejapur G.Jangubai Ward member 8096672361
Tejapur K.Sombai Ward member 9493654882
Tejapur M.Gangaram Ward member 9177924012
Tejapur M.Jugadirao Ward member 9502831386
Tejapur M.Ujvala bai Ward member 9490997962
Tejapur P.Pushpalatha bai Ward member 9618819215
Tejapur S.Kousala Bai Ward member 9494945930
Wadagaon KANAKA TULASIRAM Sarpanch 9441418923
Wadagaon SVENKAT RAO Upa-Sarpanch 9655268217
Wadagaon ATRAM SEETHA BAI Ward member 9493016457
Wadagaon CHOWAN BEBI BAI Ward member 8106519241
Wadagaon JADHAV LALITA BAI Ward member 9493905172
Wadagaon KANAKA JALPAT RAO Ward member 9441423182
Wadagaon KAVITHA Ward member 9491418905
Wadagaon KOTNAK ANAND RAO Ward member 7382460694
Wadagaon MESRAM NAGORAO Ward member 8985510951
Wadagaon PURKA VIJAYA LAXMI Ward member 8096168983
Wadagaon SIDAM BHEEM RAO Ward member 9493674270
Wadagaon VETTI NAGUBAI Ward member 9490504960
Waipet RATHOD SHESHARAO Sarpanch 8897579313
Waipet DATTURI LASHMANNA Upa-Sarpanch 9491834344
Waipet ADE RAMDAS Ward member 9999999999
Waipet CHAHAKATI RAMKISHAN Ward member 9999999999
Waipet CHAVAN SONABAI Ward member 8500275607
Waipet GADDAM YELAIAH Ward member 9999999999
Waipet JADHAV AMBAJI Ward member 8096404476
Waipet MADAVI PANCHUBAI Ward member 9999999999
Waipet MESRAM MAHADUBAI Ward member 9999999999
Waipet MORE NAGORAO Ward member 9640418044
Waipet PENDUR JANGUBAI Ward member 9999999999
Waipet RATHOD GAMABAI Ward member 9999999999
Waipet S KAMALA Ward member 9999999999
Walganda Heerapur KINAK JUGATI RAO Sarpanch 8978440845
Walganda Heerapur MADAVI INDRU Upa-Sarpanch 8978440845
Walganda Heerapur ARKA YADAV RAO Ward member 8897449942
Walganda Heerapur DHURVA SONDEVI Ward member 8978440845
Walganda Heerapur JADAV KISHAN Ward member 8374983494
Walganda Heerapur MOTI LAXMI BAI Ward member 9491461902
Walganda Heerapur PURKA LAXMI BAI Ward member 8106554706
Walganda Heerapur RATHOD KAVITA Ward member 9618819260
Walganda Heerapur SADKE FULA BAI Ward member 7382331902
Walganda Heerapur SARAME LAXMAN Ward member 8500022406
Walganda Heerapur SIDAM DASRU Ward member 8978440845
Ymaikunta Pendur Devubai Sarpanch 9490741077
Ymaikunta S.Rajeshwar Upa-Sarpanch 9492129980
Ymaikunta Madavi Sindhu Ward member 9676550860
Ymaikunta Maskula Laxman Ward member 9573064181
Ymaikunta Mesram Istaribai Ward member 9490741077
Ymaikunta Pendur Sharada Ward member 8332033453
Ymaikunta Pratap Singh Ward member 9440356900
Ymaikunta P.Sunitha Ward member 9490877488
Ymaikunta S.Rajanna Ward member 9490706116
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