Laxmanchanda Mandal Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Ward member Mobile Numbers List Adilabad District in Telangana State

Laxmanchanda Mandal Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Ward member Mobile Numbers List Adilabad District in Telangana State
Laxmanchanda Mandal Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Ward member Mobile Numbers List Adilabad District in Telangana State
Village Name Sarpanch |
 Upa-Sarpanch |
 Ward member
Mobile no's
Babapur Kommu Srividya Sarpanch 8897672459
Babapur Adepu Laxmi Upa-Sarpanch 9490009384
Babapur Burka Laxmi Ward member 9652524511
Babapur Burka Rajeshwar Ward member 9701554320
Babapur Chakali Muthanna Ward member 8106973844
Babapur Era Gangu Ward member 9849675525
Babapur Gundala Bhudevi Ward member 9441874294
Babapur Kandela Rajeshwar Ward member 9704242006
Babapur Madire Dasharath Ward member 9441629811
Babapur Nimma Laxmi Ward member 9959473022
Babapur Padigela Anjaiah Ward member 9849649921
Boregaon KORRIPELLI VIMALA Sarpanch 9666888099
Boregaon DARAVATH AMARSINGH Upa-Sarpanch 9542365431
Boregaon AKKENAPALLI RAVI Ward member 9440388564
Boregaon BONGURALA SHANKER Ward member 9666888005
Boregaon DARAVATH AMARSINGH Ward member 9542365431
Boregaon KADARI SHANKER Ward member 9177255753
Boregaon MADASTU LAXMI Ward member 9848977508
Boregaon PALLAPU GANGU Ward member 9704232865
Boregaon PALLIKONDA VASANTHA Ward member 9440288470
Chamanpalle A.Ram Reddy Sarpanch 9490009356
Chamanpalle S.Bapaiah Upa-Sarpanch 9705842988
Chamanpalle Aarati Radha Ward member 8187047503
Chamanpalle Aindla Laxmi Ward member 9701184008
Chamanpalle B.Naresh Ward member 9963497811
Chamanpalle Bommena Gangavva Ward member 9676826761
Chamanpalle Doda Mahipal Ward member 9010634793
Chamanpalle Kommoji Ramana Ward member 9908777650
Chamanpalle Kowtha Kistavva Ward member 9948051192
Chamanpalle Nukala Nagamma Ward member 9492136750
Chamanpalle Sunkari Muttavva Ward member 9676239104
Chintalchanda Sadu Sujatha Sarpanch 9440559828
Chintalchanda Chakali Lingatla Rajeshwer Upa-Sarpanch 9989597971
Chintalchanda A.Bheem Reddy Ward member 9666886639
Chintalchanda Nan Sayavva Ward member 9440559828
Chintalchanda Nukala Ravi Ward member 9666944227
Chintalchanda Peddi Chinnamma Ward member 9440559828
Chintalchanda Peechara Rajanna Ward member 9848812297
Chintalchanda Putty Sravanthi Ward member 9849876138
Chintalchanda S.Laxmi Ward member 9676981129
Dharmaram A.Arundathi Sarpanch 9701670083
Dharmaram B.Ganganna Upa-Sarpanch 9948764698
Dharmaram B.Laxmi Ward member 9441429886
Dharmaram J.Reddy Laxmi Ward member 9441385262
Dharmaram K.Hammavva Ward member 9177799295
Dharmaram K.yerranna Ward member 9704625806
Dharmaram M.Susheela Ward member 9550549030
Dharmaram Putti Bhumavva Ward member 8331050587
Dharmaram Y.Srinivas Ward member 9640193484
Kankapur MEKALA RAJENDER Sarpanch 9490035526
Kankapur Barath Chinna Potanna Upa-Sarpanch 9440509839
Kankapur Akula Rajavva Ward member 7893790182
Kankapur Gaddam Ramesh Ward member 9492785317
Kankapur L.Laxmi Ward member 9441220459
Kankapur M.Gangavva Ward member 9441505841
Kankapur M.Laxmi Ward member 9492365550
Kankapur M.Narayana Ward member 9618589634
Kankapur Nainam Santhosh Ward member 9492315552
Kankapur N.Linganna Ward member 9441257348
Kankapur T.Premala Ward member 9490821329
Kuchanpalle Bandi Linganna Sarpanch 9440839526
Kuchanpalle A. Rajavva Upa-Sarpanch 9440601919
Kuchanpalle Ankam Laxmi Ward member 8978058455
Kuchanpalle Chilaka Ramakrishna Ward member 9849068893
Kuchanpalle Chilari Laxmi Ward member 9441994249
Kuchanpalle Chilari Naveen Ward member 9666665965
Kuchanpalle D.Muthanna Ward member 9848115493
Kuchanpalle Enduri Sujatha Ward member 9177799343
Kuchanpalle G.Rajeshwer Ward member 9491009937
Kuchanpalle Renjarla Laxmi Ward member 9951342390
Kuchanpalle Y.Sudaker Reddy Ward member 8374595444
Laxmanchanda B.Narayana Sarpanch 9666240372
Laxmanchanda subhash Upa-Sarpanch 9640215227
Laxmanchanda A.Gangamani Ward member 9490821329
Laxmanchanda B.Gangadhar Ward member 9440235013
Laxmanchanda B.Posani Ward member 9010691197
Laxmanchanda G.Gangavva Ward member 9640356235
Laxmanchanda G.GANGAVVA Ward member 9440463346
Laxmanchanda K.Gangavva Ward member 9441279284
Laxmanchanda K.Nagaraju Ward member 9441726813
Laxmanchanda K.Suresh Ward member 9640165120
Laxmanchanda L.Muttavva Ward member 9948058313
Laxmanchanda M.Ganesh Ward member 9441526422
Laxmanchanda O.Rajeshwer Ward member 9908922818
Laxmanchanda S.Narsaiah Ward member 9492137176
Laxmanchanda T.Bharathi Ward member 9505001042
Mallapur kesam srinivas Sarpanch 9441694701
Mallapur mekala mallesh Upa-Sarpanch 9603655401
Mallapur apuka sayanna Ward member 9573876571
Mallapur boda chinnamma Ward member 9948181837
Mallapur pyaramur sayavva Ward member 9492969440
Mallapur SD. Akbel Ward member 9492969135
Mallapur S.K.Himed Ward member 9493805938
Mallapur sunkari Laxmi Ward member 9492969524
Mallapur thalari gangavva Ward member 9010214130
Mallapur thalari Ramulu Ward member 9989419299
Mallapur yegatla yellavva Ward member 8185973086
Munipalle M.SUNITHA Sarpanch 9441838243
Munipalle D.Narsa Reddy Upa-Sarpanch 9912607475
Munipalle D.BHANU BEGUM Ward member 8008827546
Munipalle M.ASHAMMA Ward member 9573280477
Munipalle M.RAMULU Ward member 9492156624
Munipalle P.PADMA Ward member 9959042575
Munipalle R.Ramdas Ward member 9553502888
Munipalle S.LAXMI Ward member 9666141988
Munipalle Syed Imad Ward member 9666020262
Narsapur(W) Bhoda Rajeshwar Sarpanch 8978105809
Narsapur(W) Kaithi Lalitha Upa-Sarpanch 9177988402
Narsapur(W) Akula Rajavva Ward member 8333085391
Narsapur(W) Dhudekula Jahed Ward member 8333085391
Narsapur(W) M Nadipe Rajanna Ward member 8897567687
Narsapur(W) Pothuganti Suresh Ward member 9441629952
Narsapur(W) Putti Bhagya Laxmi Ward member 9676240552
Narsapur(W) Sd Haidharbee Ward member 7396079838
Narsapur(W) Shindham Ramesh Ward member 9492682325
New Bopparam B.Bhuma reddy Sarpanch 9177330885
New Bopparam G.Sayamma Upa-Sarpanch 9912291322
New Bopparam D.Ganga Reddy Ward member 9849434249
New Bopparam D.Naresh Babu Ward member 9701670459
New Bopparam Golla Mallavva Ward member 9989091591
New Bopparam Lolam Rajanna Ward member 8985255672
New Bopparam N.Satyavathi Ward member 9704101959
New Bopparam O.Ramana Ward member 8500992764
New Bopparam R Laxmi Ward member 9492794539
New Bopparam R Vara Laxmi Ward member 8179180606
New Bopparam U Rajender Ward member 8978948814
Newvelmal U latha Sarpanch 9652524357
Newvelmal A chinna Poshetty Upa-Sarpanch 9000343134
Newvelmal A Narsaiah Ward member 9550057783
Newvelmal B Sathamma Ward member 9704093726
Newvelmal Chakali Anjali Ward member 9949419211
Newvelmal Golla cinna Sayanna Ward member 8500026440
Newvelmal J Rukumbai Ward member 9866436404
Newvelmal K.Bhudeavi Ward member 9959476720
Newvelmal M Lalitha Ward member 9177988217
Newvelmal Pedda Nadpi Bhumanna Ward member 9502428861
Newvelmal R vinod kumar Ward member 8790327427
Parpally B.Shanta baayi Sarpanch 9640594293
Parpally P.Buchanna Upa-Sarpanch 9676960169
Parpally B.Blaiah Ward member 8897382074
Parpally B.Sunita Ward member 7075150309
Parpally C.Bhageertha Ward member 9000750547
Parpally D.Chinna Muttanna Ward member 9963048362
Parpally D.Padma Ward member 7396191128
Parpally G.Lalitha Ward member 8106603222
Parpally K.Rajeshwar Ward member 9985540308
Parpally N.Chinna Rajanna Ward member 9908983979
Parpally N.Laxmi Ward member 9440735956
Peechara Golla Rajavva Sarpanch 9177883100
Peechara Sonna Muttanna Upa-Sarpanch 9550549030
Peechara Bojja Laxmi Ward member 9492965516
Peechara Burri Bhumesh Ward member 9985485859
Peechara Burri Lasmavva Ward member 8978442544
Peechara Burri Laxmi Ward member 9441138059
Peechara Erra Rajender reddy Ward member 9908930606
Peechara Golla Rajavva Ward member 9849318464
Peechara Sonna Gangu Ward member 9963497511
Peechara Tippani Laxmi Ward member 9705294188
Peechara Tippani Rajeshwar Ward member 8008078731
Rachapur T Vinoda Sarpanch 8106052909
Rachapur M Naveen Upa-Sarpanch 9963021719
Rachapur Baneboiona Rajanna Ward member 9701670394
Rachapur CH Laxmi Ward member 9573500556
Rachapur Indraja Ward member 9177365567
Rachapur Komati Muthanna Ward member 9652594844
Rachapur Pulvaji Raju Ward member 9441022411
Rachapur Ramdeni Kamala Ward member 9603315451
Rachapur Satham Nadepenna Ward member 9440723681
Rachapur Vannela Sayamma Ward member 8096385671
Rachapur Velmala Kala Ward member 9000129747
Waddyal Amaragonda Jyothi Sarpanch 9440252101
Waddyal Koppula Bheemeshwar Upa-Sarpanch 8106510050
Waddyal Dodla Satyanarayan Ward member 9000133467
Waddyal D Vijaya Ward member 8978001511
Waddyal Gandham Posani Ward member 9490355847
Waddyal Kalla Laxmi Ward member 9492578114
Waddyal Kappakanti Suguna Ward member 8374812521
Waddyal Kasturi Narsaiah Ward member 8008098470
Waddyal Katle Pothareddy Ward member 9441629934
Waddyal Koratikanti Narsareddy Ward member 9989553773
Waddyal Koripelli Laxmi Ward member 8106695534
Waddyal Koripelli Sayavva Ward member 9441711581
Waddyal Pasupula Naresh Ward member 9494936911
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