Lokeshwaram Mandal Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Ward member Mobile Numbers List Adilabad District in Telangana State

Lokeshwaram Mandal Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Ward member Mobile Numbers List Adilabad District in Telangana State 
Lokeshwaram Mandal Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Ward member Mobile Numbers List Adilabad District in Telangana State

Village Name Sarpanch |
Upa-Sarpanch |
 Ward member
Mobile no's
Dharmara Kadam Srinivas Rao Sarpanch 9912292467
Dharmara Maggidi Kavita Upa-Sarpanch 9666961658
Dharmara Bandari Bhumanna Ward member 9603425995
Dharmara Gija Naveen Ward member 9542237742
Dharmara Konda Deva Goud Ward member 9912356602
Dharmara Kummari Godavari Ward member 7660966826
Dharmara Manda Suresh Ward member 9912671049
Dharmara Mondolla Pushpalatha Ward member 9666415893
Dharmara Rodda Bhumavva Ward member 9912292467
Gadchanda Karipe Shobharani Sarpanch 9949038979
Gadchanda Kuntala Santhosh Upa-Sarpanch 9849090075
Gadchanda Byagari Chinnakka Ward member 9959299354
Gadchanda Chintala Raja Kishan Ward member 9000126744
Gadchanda Ch.Laxmi Ward member 9949407624
Gadchanda Komity Vind Kumar Ward member 9573561668
Gadchanda Manada Narsavva Ward member 9949038979
Gadchanda N.Muralidhar Rao Ward member 9908376821
Gadchanda Pyata Sathenna Ward member 8008484237
Gadchanda Siripuram Rajitha Ward member 9866828353
Gadchanda Sukuri Bhojavva Ward member 9848781262
Gadchanda Sukuri Posani Ward member 7893554473
Gadchanda Tengu Jyothi Ward member 7702457242
Hadgaon More Shakuntala Sarpanch 9949157171
Hadgaon S. Subash Upa-Sarpanch 9676874204
Hadgaon B. Nadipi Ammai Ward member 9704454771
Hadgaon D. Laxmi Ward member 9949157171
Hadgaon D. Muthavva Ward member 9000961809
Hadgaon M. Bhojaram Ward member 9951509492
Hadgaon M. Gangadher Ward member 9000574709
Hadgaon P. Laxmi Ward member 9963452883
Hadgaon S. Gangasager Ward member 9666416865
Hadgaon S. Muthanna Ward member 9676874204
Hadgaon S. Tukaram Ward member 9951109253
Hawarga Badulla Laxmi Sarpanch 9949171292
Hawarga Bellidiga Muthanna Upa-Sarpanch 8790337307
Hawarga Bhojaram Ward member 9701621350
Hawarga Bhojavva Ward member 8096209204
Hawarga B Marenna Ward member 9949171292
Hawarga K. Mahender Reddy Ward member 9441061021
Hawarga Maddiga Laxmi Ward member 9949171292
Hawarga M. Gangu bai Ward member 9949171292
Hawarga N. posani Ward member 9705626350
Hawarga S. Rajeshwer Ward member 9908950914
Hawarga Sucharitha Ward member 9949171292
Joharpur D Rajeshwar Sarpanch 9912361286
Joharpur Nimma Saroja Upa-Sarpanch 9553558841
Joharpur Ch Kalavathi Ward member 9505567883
Joharpur Ch.Yashoda Ward member 8186872566
Joharpur D Laxmi Ward member 9912361286
Joharpur Gaini Gangadhar Ward member 8498887203
Joharpur G Ramana Reddy Ward member 9849311237
Joharpur G Srinivas Ward member 9701670065
Joharpur Kadam Sainath Ward member 9908989197
Joharpur Machkuri Narsavva Ward member 9502721190
Joharpur R Gangadher Ward member 8096657114
Kankapur Neerati Sagera Sarpanch 8096227077
Kankapur Gopu Chinnana Upa-Sarpanch 9866806953
Kankapur B Rajaanmi Ward member 8096227077
Kankapur Debaddi Bhumanna Ward member 8096227077
Kankapur Debadi Premala Ward member 8096227077
Kankapur D Gangavva Ward member 8096227077
Kankapur Kurme Chinnana Ward member 8897142402
Kankapur Kyama Vimala Ward member 9989597661
Kankapur M Kavitha Ward member 9640528132
Kankapur Neerati Devanna Ward member 8096227077
Kankapur Vadnala Chinnaiah Ward member 8096227077
Lohesra Mende Srikala Sarpanch 9989505595
Lohesra Gollamada Pranita Upa-Sarpanch 8897445711
Lohesra Alegaon Sayamma Ward member 7893772710
Lohesra Barkunta Laxman Ward member 9951952050
Lohesra B. Laxmi Ward member 9959932514
Lohesra Golla Sayanna Ward member 8499022141
Lohesra Kondapuram Laxmi Ward member 9000979928
Lohesra Kondapuram Santoshi Ward member 9989236569
Lohesra M. Kamlaker Rao Ward member 9701621350
Lohesra Peddolla Mallesh Ward member 9177440415
Lohesra Ramolla Savitha Ward member 8106636969
Lohesra Sibbanni Laxman Ward member 9652533030
Lohesra Vadla Ramulu Ward member 9640162561
Manmad Godisela Vajra Sarpanch 9440348958
Manmad Sangem Sayanna Upa-Sarpanch 9949668975
Manmad Bayamolla Bojanna Ward member 9010694368
Manmad Boguda Godavari Ward member 9505596739
Manmad Kaithu Rajavva Ward member 8106615626
Manmad Makkadi Gangamma Ward member 8008079050
Manmad Musile Anitha Ward member 9912584399
Manmad Musile Pothanna Ward member
Manmad Shanigarapu Bhuchavva Ward member 9000979986
Manmad Sulva Laxman Ward member 9618872540
Manmad Vemula Gurvaiah Ward member 9908538690
Nagar Muthyala Rajitha Sarpanch 9949640994
Nagar Ade Meena Bai Upa-Sarpanch 9666459892
Nagar Ade Vasuram Ward member 9704299504
Nagar Anupa Posani Ward member 9701670487
Nagar Eravathi laxmi Ward member 9963163466
Nagar Gaddam Ganganna Ward member 9948357539
Nagar Gaini Rani Ward member 9963811035
Nagar Kottur Rajanna Ward member 9177458255
Nagar Nagula Hanuma Goud Ward member 9866972566
Nagar Prodduturi Mohan Reddy Ward member 8106195350
Nagar Sarkil Mamatha Ward member 9908551521
New Raipur (K) G. Radhika Sarpanch 9849118695
New Raipur (K) M. Ramesh Upa-Sarpanch 9640987384
New Raipur (K) B. Laxmi Ward member 9849118695
New Raipur (K) Devender Ward member 9849118695
New Raipur (K) Godavari Ward member 9849118695
New Raipur (K) Gopal Ward member 9849118695
New Raipur (K) Muthavva Ward member 9849118695
New Raipur (K) Narsaiah Ward member 9849118695
New Raipur (K) Premala Ward member 9849118695
New Raipur (K) Sangitha Ward member 9849118695
New Raipur (K) S. Ratnaiah Ward member 9849118695
Panchgudi G. Jeevani Sarpanch 9010325355
Panchgudi Ch. Padma Upa-Sarpanch 9542128916
Panchgudi B. Bojavva Ward member 8465080221
Panchgudi B. Jyoti Ward member 9912570200
Panchgudi Chinna Gangadhar Ward member 9603918909
Panchgudi M. Babu Ward member 9010325355
Panchgudi M.Gangadhar Ward member 9951269337
Panchgudi R.Anusuya Ward member 8466022518
Panchgudi S.Satyanarayana Ward member 9912523523
Pipri Kunta Pedda Rajeshwer Sarpanch 9908539094
Pipri D. Nadipi Muhtanna Upa-Sarpanch 9000979891
Pipri Bogdamida Srinivas Ward member 9542598121
Pipri Dasari Gangamni Ward member 9989597357
Pipri Kobbi Chinnakka Ward member 8463974568
Pipri Muneer Unisa Begun Ward member 9848813628
Pipri Nagaram Sayamma Ward member 9848956381
Pipri Nalla Bhojanna Ward member 8106697810
Pipri Pogulla Ansuya Ward member 9676657231
Pipri Rodda Chinnaiah Ward member 9908410613
Pipri Rodda Swarna Ward member 9951202341
Potpalle (B) Ankam Bhumanna Sarpanch 9550966432
Potpalle (B) R. Poshetty Upa-Sarpanch 8179336713
Potpalle (B) Anmolla Narsaiah Ward member 9542240236
Potpalle (B) Byagari Poshetty Ward member 9010497586
Potpalle (B) Drupathi bai Ward member 9908142524
Potpalle (B) Gunjiram Sagera bai Ward member 9550966432
Potpalle (B) K. Prabhaker Ward member 9550966432
Potpalle (B) Mydari Laxmi Ward member 9550966432
Potpalle (B) Sunkari Laxmi Ward member 9640182508
Puspur J PARWATHI Sarpanch 9666690461
Puspur G.UMA RANI Upa-Sarpanch 8008113073
Puspur B.ANJANABAI Ward member 9603922795
Puspur B.RAJANNA Ward member 9848688409
Puspur INDRABAI Ward member 8466943122
Puspur K.BAYAVVA Ward member 9000126746
Puspur PARVATHI Ward member 9701958378
Puspur S.GAJJAVVA Ward member 9848589673
Puspur S.MUTHAVVA Ward member 9010283921
Puspur S.VENUGOPAL Ward member 8374997482
Puspur T.HANMANDLU Ward member 9701665594
Puspur T.SHYAMALA Ward member 8374442789
Puspur YASHODABAI Ward member 9666690461
Rajura Gone Ganganna Sarpanch 9000979974
Rajura Chintha Shobha Upa-Sarpanch 9912523066
Rajura Gaini Adella Ward member 9000979974
Rajura G Susheela Ward member 9010649840
Rajura Kalavathi Ward member 9000979974
Rajura Kurme Bhumanna Ward member 9000979974
Rajura Nagai Sridher Ward member 9000979974
Rajura Namulla Laxmi Ward member 9000979974
Rajura Ore Laxmi Ward member 9000979974
Rajura Sakili Suresh Ward member 9000979974
Rajura SK Afser Ward member 9652714188
Rajura Thokala Saraswathi Ward member 8374813420
Rajura Tiki Srinivas Ward member 9701669971
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