Mutharam Mahadevpur Mandal Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Ward member Mobile Numbers List Karimnagar District in Telangana State

Mutharam Mahadevpur Mandal Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Ward member Mobile Numbers List Karimnagar District in Telangana State
Mutharam Mahadevpur Mandal Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Ward member Mobile Numbers List Karimnagar District in Telangana State

Village Name Sarpanch Mobile no's
Borlagudem Sudhati Rajitha Sarpanch 9553940857
Borlagudem Sambaraju chandrashekar Upa-Sarpanch 9912942738
Borlagudem Hatkar sriram nayak Ward member 9010086772
Borlagudem Inumula Chiranjeevi Ward member 9640419982
Borlagudem Jarpula srilatha Ward member 9705057748
Borlagudem Kota suguna Ward member 9542677102
Borlagudem Mudhurukolla uma Ward member 9959766580
Borlagudem Odela Devamma Ward member 9542609620
Borlagudem Pulyala Puspalatha Ward member 9948036252
Borlagudem Ralabandi Chiranjeevi Ward member 9553940857
Borlagudem Sambaraju Chandrashaker Ward member 9912942738
Borlagudem Takoor Ravindar Ward member 9553212199
Gandikamaram Lakki Reddy Swaruparani Sarpanch 9676257689
Gandikamaram Neralla Rajitha Upa-Sarpanch 9951613071
Gandikamaram Atkar Kishan Ward member 9912491960
Gandikamaram Atkar Sammakka Ward member 8096706505
Gandikamaram Gonti Anusha Ward member 9705881969
Gandikamaram Gosukula Sathyam Ward member 9948963485
Gandikamaram Kalakonda Sravan Ward member 9963833430
Gandikamaram Manchinilla Sarakka Ward member 9505968790
Gandikamaram MD. Kayum Ward member 9705037569
Gandikamaram Nerella Rajitha Ward member 9951613071
Jeelapally Medipalli Sammakka Sarpanch 8099544776
Jeelapally THALLAPALLI SUVARNA Upa-Sarpanch 9948924526
Jeelapally CHIDEM SAMPATH Ward member 8096248962
Jeelapally DARIPELLI SAMMAKKA Ward member 9948963139
Jeelapally KODIPE RAJU Ward member 9505478005
Jeelapally KURSINGA RAMA Ward member 9948924526
Jeelapally MEDIPALLI LACHAIAH Ward member 9014408186
Jeelapally MEDIPALLI POCHAMMA Ward member 9948924526
Jeelapally PULIYALA SAMMAIAH Ward member 8688096414
Jeelapally Thallapelli suvarna Ward member 9948924526
Kankunoor Atkoori jakkamma Sarpanch 0
Kankunoor kaluguri Padma Upa-Sarpanch 0
Kankunoor Amili nagesh Ward member 0
Kankunoor bandam Shushila Ward member 0
Kankunoor Bandam Srinivas Ward member 9847466584
Kankunoor Chatla Shushila Ward member 0
Kankunoor kaluguri padma Ward member 0
Kankunoor Kudumula Laxmi Ward member 0
Kankunoor Pulyla Pochaiah Ward member 0
Kankunoor Tolam Savitri Ward member 0
Kankunoor Vankudoth Venkatram Ward member 0
Kankunoor Yanaka laxmaiah Ward member 0
Korlakunta bellemkonda kistaiah Sarpanch 9666782193
Korlakunta BHUKYA SAMMAIAH Upa-Sarpanch 9848899221
Korlakunta ALOTH RAJU Ward member 8498021464
Korlakunta BACHALA MANEMMA Ward member 9640954911
Korlakunta Bhukya Sammaiah Ward member 9848899221
Korlakunta BOLLEDLA MALLAIAH Ward member 9705067435
Korlakunta GADDAM LAXMI Ward member 9705067435
Korlakunta GUNTI MAHESH Ward member 8184806618
Korlakunta KALVAPALLI LAXMI Ward member 9666782193
Korlakunta M RAMNARAYANA Ward member 9848132395
Korlakunta PANTHAKANI SAMMAKKA Ward member 8008590079
Korlakunta THAINENI BHAGYA Ward member 9000768835
Mutharam THATI ANASURYA Sarpanch 9177358801
Mutharam RADARAPU SWAMY Upa-Sarpanch 9705870489
Mutharam B KAVITHA Ward member 9010818326
Mutharam CH SATHYAMMA Ward member 9177358801
Mutharam CH SUGUNA Ward member 9705870489
Mutharam G VENKATASWAMY Ward member 9177358801
Mutharam J POCAMMA Ward member 9705870489
Mutharam K BAPU Ward member 9177358801
Mutharam K LALITHA Ward member 9705870489
Mutharam K MALLESH Ward member 7893830063
Mutharam P MALLAIAH Ward member 9705870489
Mutharam P PUNNAMMA Ward member 7893830063
Mutharam Radharapu Swamy Ward member 9705870489
Mutharam V RAGHU Ward member 9705870489
Nallaguntamenajipet Gantla Uma Sarpanch 9440523297
Nallaguntamenajipet Salvala sadanadam Upa- Sarpanch 8096376363
Nallaguntamenajipet bandi mallakka Ward member 9552165662
Nallaguntamenajipet chedam mallesh Ward member 9666784969
Nallaguntamenajipet chrerra amrutha Ward member 9951675303
Nallaguntamenajipet godishela thirupathi Ward member 9640757688
Nallaguntamenajipet gondi padama Ward member 9603158373
Nallaguntamenajipet kovvuri sammakka Ward member 9705047002
Nallaguntamenajipet maganti padma Ward member 9666338190
Nallaguntamenajipet mudethula raju Ward member 9912998200
Nallaguntamenajipet pingili ravinadar reddy Ward member 9666378418
Nallaguntamenajipet salvala sadanandam Ward member 8096376363
Pegadapally Jatoth Sriram Sarpanch 9959086303
Pegadapally Kodi Nagaiah Upa-Sarpanch 9505091472
Pegadapally Azmira Kavitha Ward member 9959086303
Pegadapally Boda Rajitha Ward member 9908497444
Pegadapally Jarpula Kobalsing Ward member 9959086303
Pegadapally K.Kumaraswami Ward member 9959086303
Pegadapally kodi nagaiah Ward member 9505091472
Pegadapally Mukloth Bhrathi Ward member 9959086303
Pegadapally Porika Swarupa Ward member 9959086303
Pegadapally Vavilla Ellakka Ward member 9959086303
Polaram Kalvapelli Lakshmaiah Sarpanch 9441940169
Polaram Sripathi Shankar Upa-Sarpanch 9441255765
Polaram Boddu Narsakka Ward member 9866979723
Polaram Gade Vijaya Ward member 8978839038
Polaram Kondagorla Ravindar Ward member 9951932639
Polaram Lingannapeta Laxmi Ward member 9491150934
Polaram Manda Sudhakar Ward member 9908865617
Polaram Panga Nirmala Ward member 9963563927
Polaram Purshotam Errapochaiah Ward member 7893637158
Polaram Purshotam Soundarya Ward member 9912601025
Polaram Sripathi Shankar Ward member 9441255765
Polaram Uppula Shyamala Ward member 9542387095
Polaram Velpula Venkataiah Ward member 9959966769
Polaram Vemula Harikrishna Ward member 9000677094
Regulagudem Kondeti sughuna Sarpanch 9603142383
Regulagudem Belamkonda Lachaiah Upa-Sarpanch 9705372929
Regulagudem Bellamkonda Lachaiah Ward member 9705372929
Regulagudem Chipuru Padma Ward member 8096560587
Regulagudem Dhabba Raju Ward member 9494280933
Regulagudem Janaga Sarakka Ward member 9603142383
Regulagudem Kota Vijaya Ward member 9494280933
Regulagudem K. Swarupa Ward member 9705372929
Regulagudem Pattem Jyothi Ward member 8182806817
Regulagudem pattem kistakka Ward member 8184806817
Regulagudem Polaboina Srinivas Ward member 9618933383
Regulagudem Thalla Shekar Ward member 8346608378
Stambampally (Pp) Bhaktu Premalatha Sarpanch 9542704728
Stambampally (Pp) Page Rajaiah Upa-Sarpanch 9177087736
Stambampally (Pp) Bouth Bhoodevi Ward member 9505841383
Stambampally (Pp) Goka Swaroopa Ward member 8897621546
Stambampally (Pp) Jadi Srikanth Ward member 9010305143
Stambampally (Pp) Mergu Sadavali Ward member 9912212002
Stambampally (Pp) page Rajaiah Ward member 9177087736
Stambampally (Pp) Paryaboina Renuka Ward member 8184855235
Stambampally (Pp) Pasula Rajaiah Ward member 9000960489
Stambampally (Pp) Sodari Shankaramma Ward member 9948006630
Yamanpally KALVACHARLA RAJU Sarpanch 9666734585
Yamanpally T.DEVADAS Upa-Sarpanch 9963315409
Yamanpally A.JYOSNA Ward member 9542899128
Yamanpally A.SAMMAIAH Ward member 7702690282
Yamanpally B.LAXMI Ward member
Yamanpally D.DURGAIAH Ward member 8978741018
Yamanpally J.RAMA Ward member 9951257518
Yamanpally J.SADAVALI Ward member 9676950610
Yamanpally K.CHANDRAIAH Ward member 9848211916
Yamanpally K.RAJAMANI Ward member 8096958433
Yamanpally S.DURGAKKA Ward member 9908133642
Yamanpally T.DEVADAS Ward member 9963375409
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