Utnur Mandal Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Ward member Mobile Numbers List Adilabad District in Telangana State

Utnur Mandal Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Ward member Mobile Numbers List Adilabad District in Telangana State 
Utnur Mandal Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Ward member Mobile Numbers List Adilabad District in Telangana State
Village Name Sarpanch |
Upa-Sarpanch |
 Ward member
Mobile no's
Birsaipet Nalleni Ankavva Sarpanch 7382303691
Birsaipet Goli Jayalaxmi Upa-Sarpanch 9493532190
Birsaipet Athram Gangaram Ward member 9553059970
Birsaipet Athram Lachu bai Ward member 7382303691
Birsaipet Athram Mukundrao Ward member 8500744213
Birsaipet Athram Sathu bai Ward member 8978667418
Birsaipet Durva Jaithu bai Ward member 7382303691
Birsaipet Gannaram Ramesh Ward member 9705008889
Birsaipet Kanak Anamantha bai Ward member 9441620952
Birsaipet Maddikunta Rajavva Ward member 7036151930
Birsaipet M. Anjaneyulu Ward member 9441431442
Birsaipet Pembi Rajanna Ward member 8501892911
Birsaipet Raya Arjanna Ward member 7661020277
Chandur Atram.Pramila Bai Sarpanch 9441373695
Chandur Atram.Raghunath Upa-Sarpanch 9441373695
Chandur Chittewad.Padmini Bi Ward member 9676097767
Chandur Galewad.Balaji Ward member 7893583503
Chandur Gedam.Jaithu Bai Ward member
Chandur Kota.Suman Bai Ward member 9494148914
Chandur Mesram.Neermala Ward member 9701586540
Chandur Mesram.Ramkishan Ward member 9652294083
Chandur Mesram.Sanjeevkumar Ward member 9701586540
Chandur Naitham.Anjana Bai Ward member 9650961701
Chandur Pappulwad.Prakash Ward member 9441431496
Danthanpalle Kodapa Jagannath rao Sarpanch 8500148598
Danthanpalle Rapelly Laxmi Upa-Sarpanch 8978738600
Danthanpalle A.Durvaiah Ward member 8985632318
Danthanpalle A.Manjula Ward member 8500148598
Danthanpalle A.Maru Ward member 8985486690
Danthanpalle A.Ramesh Ward member 7382488380
Danthanpalle Azmeera Shravanthi Ward member 9676522090
Danthanpalle Ch.vijaykumar Ward member 8897775767
Danthanpalle G.Padma Ward member 9492130908
Danthanpalle K.Mamathaq Ward member 8500208680
Danthanpalle K.manikrao Ward member 8500148598
Danthanpalle M.Pulavanthi Ward member 8500148598
Danthanpalle T.gangaram Ward member 9494827313
Ghanpur Kanaka Kasubai Sarpanch 8332041901
Ghanpur Pandra Jaivantharao Upa-Sarpanch 9490821054
Ghanpur A Jangubai Ward member
Ghanpur Athram Parusuram Ward member
Ghanpur K Dunderao Ward member
Ghanpur K Mahesh Ward member 9491466051
Ghanpur MangamTurpabai Ward member 8985633265
Ghanpur Pandra Kaousalya Ward member 9000645726
Hasnapur J.Vimala bai Sarpanch 9440132922
Hasnapur Sk.Raouf Upa-Sarpanch 9951569162
Hasnapur A.Pruthviraj Ward member 9550056837
Hasnapur J.Kamala Bai Ward member 9441506388
Hasnapur N.Ashok Ward member 9441138187
Hasnapur P.Jaivanth Rao Ward member 9490926790
Hasnapur Ramana Bai Ward member 9948286284
Hasnapur R. Kailash Ward member 8897994327
Hasnapur S.Geetha Bai Ward member 9440442091
Hasnapur W.Chaya Bai Ward member 8500994944
Lakkaram M.THIRUPATHI Sarpanch 9494150299
Lakkaram S.LINGAGOUD Upa-Sarpanch 9440562902
Lakkaram B.VIJAYALAXMI Ward member 9441431574
Lakkaram G.SHANKER Ward member 9493532171
Lakkaram K.BHUJANGRAO Ward member 9490024690
Lakkaram K.MALLAIAH Ward member 9493083149
Lakkaram K.SATYANNA Ward member 9490138135
Lakkaram M.GANAPATHI Ward member 8500551251
Lakkaram P.ANNAPURNA Ward member 9441916938
Lakkaram P.VIMALA Ward member 9494150340
Lakkaram R.GOVARDHAN Ward member 8500293191
Lakkaram S.KOUSALYA Ward member 9490877706
Lakkaram S.LAXMI Ward member 9490740670
Lakkaram S.POSANI Ward member 7382688782
Lakkaram S.SULOCHANA Ward member 8330985803
Luxettipet S.Ashok Sarpanch 9492854386
Luxettipet A.Sonerao Upa-Sarpanch 9542843009
Luxettipet A.Gopal Ward member 9440556116
Luxettipet A.Pulabai Ward member 7702612701
Luxettipet A.Yashodabai Ward member 9490369541
Luxettipet CH.Ayyubai Ward member 9618960331
Luxettipet G.Shanker Ward member 9491658696
Luxettipet P.Bhumanna Ward member 8096367273
Luxettipet P.Vasanthrao Ward member 8171299331
Luxettipet S.Sangeetha Ward member 9666301063
Luxettipet Y.Arjubai Ward member 9492022509
Nagapur Jadav Harichand Sarpanch 9491464199
Nagapur E.Ashok Upa-Sarpanch 9494311324
Nagapur G.Padma Ward member 9491127246
Nagapur J.Beby bai Ward member 9492128672
Nagapur J.Sunitha Bai Ward member 9441374669
Nagapur K.Umarani Ward member 9440871378
Nagapur M.Yellaiah Ward member 0
Nagapur N Laxmibai Ward member 0
Nagapur P.Sujathaq Ward member 8500319523
Nagapur P.Uttam Ward member 9441253696
Nagapur T.Kamlakar Ward member 9382666390
Nagapur V.Prathap Ward member 9440871378
Narsapur (B) An and Rao Sarpanch 9490561950
Narsapur (B) Rehmatullah Upa-Sarpanch 9490561950
Narsapur (B) Arvil Ward member 9490561950
Narsapur (B) Devbhai Ward member 9490561950
Narsapur (B) Isru Ward member 9490561950
Narsapur (B) jalpath Ward member 9490561950
Narsapur (B) Kamal Ward member 9490561950
Narsapur (B) Saraswathi Ward member 9490561950
Narsapur (B) Sesharao Ward member 9490561950
Narsapur (B) Subrabhai Ward member 9490561950
Narsapur (B) S ulochana Ward member 9490561950
Narsapur (B) Suryarao Ward member 9490561950
Narsapur (B) Vanamala Ward member 9490561950
Pulimadugu JADHAV SARITHA Sarpanch 9494314303
Pulimadugu SABLE GANGASINGH Upa-Sarpanch 9492133811
Pulimadugu ADE RAMESH Ward member 9441924109
Pulimadugu GOULE SHANTABAI Ward member 9494314303
Pulimadugu JUNUGURU KAMALA Ward member 9494314303
Pulimadugu PAWAR PRAMEELA Ward member 9849125918
Pulimadugu RATHOD JAIWANTHRAO Ward member 9494433583
Pulimadugu RATHOD PANCHIBAI Ward member 9494314303
Pulimadugu RATHOD RAJITHA Ward member 9494314303
Pulimadugu SIDAM PULABAI Ward member 9494314303
Pulimadugu SURPAM RAMBAI Ward member 9441277415
Salewada (B) G.Laxmi Sarpanch 9490026489
Salewada (B) Madhukar Upa-Sarpanch 9440978750
Salewada (B) A Bheemrao Ward member 9492208075
Salewada (B) A Heerabai Ward member 9676679541
Salewada (B) A Mothiram Ward member 9490026489
Salewada (B) B Dilip Ward member 8500484721
Salewada (B) G.Ashathai Ward member 9492136509
Salewada (B) M Saritha Ward member 9440983764
Salewada (B) M Venkatamma Ward member 9490561589
Salewada (B) N Laxmi Ward member 9490026489
Salewada (B) P Dasharath Ward member 9492610551
Salewada (K) Smt.B.Anusuya Sarpanch 9441859002
Salewada (K) Gadma. Anupama Upa-Sarpanch 7702627405
Salewada (K) Bemala.Kistanna Ward member
Salewada (K) Dakure.Champa Bai Ward member 8464981475
Salewada (K) Kanaka.Santosh Ward member 9676617120
Salewada (K) Mekala.Susheela Ward member 8374117793
Salewada (K) Padwal.Kamala Bai Ward member
Salewada (K) P.Paru Bai Ward member
Salewada (K) Rabede.Ganapati Ward member 9441374089
Salewada (K) sallari.Baba rao Ward member 9490421600
Salewada (K) Smt.Kousu Bai Ward member 8985734292
Shampur j.bagiratha bai Sarpanch 9440516969
Shampur K.Keshav Upa-Sarpanch 7382971712
Shampur A.Chandrakala Ward member 9490561734
Shampur A.Sonerao Ward member 7893198905
Shampur D.Kalyan Ward member 9010098846
Shampur G.Geethabai Ward member 9494936892
Shampur G.Laxmi Ward member 0
Shampur G.Pandurang Ward member 8978894481
Shampur J.Jyothi Ward member 9705712752
Shampur P.Ramu Ward member 8096672393
Shampur W.Chayabai Ward member 9493068406
Umri Ch.Susheela Sarpanch 8008496395
Umri R.Premkumar Upa-Sarpanch 9491559787
Umri B.Subabai Ward member 8008496395
Umri Ch.Meerabai Ward member 8008496395
Umri D.Devidas Ward member 9908303560
Umri J.Thukaram Ward member 8008496395
Umri K.Ramji Ward member 8008496395
Umri M.Purlabai Ward member 8008496395
Umri M.Ramsingh Ward member 8008496395
Umri P.Susheela Ward member 8008496395
Umri R.Meenubai Ward member 9441138035
Umri T.Bhumakka Ward member 8008496395
Umri T.Rajeshwar Ward member 8008496395
Utnur Bontha Ashareddy Sarpanch 9441130826
Utnur Konderi Rajeshwar Upa-Sarpanch 9440953883
Utnur Ade Bheemji Ward member 7382393167
Utnur Banoth Jithender Ward member 9494961657
Utnur Bingi Laxmi Ward member 9441582281
Utnur BIruduala Yellaianna Ward member 8985629418
Utnur Bonkunta Narsamma Ward member 9989864343
Utnur CH Ganesh Ward member 9490544601
Utnur Gatka Ramesh Ward member 9440615686
Utnur Godipelli Sunil Ward member 9441105707
Utnur Jadhav Renuka Ward member 9493558770
Utnur Jadhav sulochana Ward member 9492368863
Utnur Kommu Narasaiah Ward member 9492799496
Utnur Masuda Kahanam Ward member 8500000157
Utnur Muthi Laxmi Ward member 8523886469
Utnur Naitham Daryavathi Ward member 9492368853
Utnur Ushkemalla Laxmi Ward member 9440875698
Utnur Vaidhya Kalavathi Ward member 8985200151
Yenda jadhav manikrao Sarpanch 9440223719
Yenda t.panchapulabai Upa-Sarpanch 9999999999
Yenda a.anithabai Ward member 9999999999
Yenda a.devibai Ward member 9999999999
Yenda ch.vijayalaxmi Ward member 9999999999
Yenda k.ashok Ward member 8008790997
Yenda p.bikku Ward member 7702708163
Yenda p.kushal Ward member 9999999999
Yenda r.jijabai Ward member 9999999999
Yenda r.pandu Ward member 9999999999
Yenda r.sridevi Ward member 9999999999
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