Vemanpalle Mandal Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Ward member Mobile Numbers List Adilabad District in Telangana State

Vemanpalle Mandal Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Ward member Mobile Numbers List Adilabad District in Telangana State
Vemanpalle Mandal Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Ward member Mobile Numbers List Adilabad District in Telangana State
Village Name Sarpanch |
Upa-Sarpanch |
Ward member
Mobile no's
Dasnapur VEPURI SHANKAR GOUD Sarpanch 9640505020
Dasnapur JINJIRI TARA Upa-Sarpanch 9640505020
Dasnapur BORKUTI LAXMI Ward member 9553093183
Dasnapur DURGAM RAJARAM Ward member 9553351538
Dasnapur DURGAM THIRUPATHI Ward member 9603128503
Dasnapur GARVANDULA HARESH GOUD Ward member 9908126585
Dasnapur GURVALA LAXMI Ward member 9542133984
Dasnapur MADE SURESH Ward member 7661914498
Gorlapalle N.laxman Sarpanch 9542940635
Gorlapalle Ch.Narayana Upa-Sarpanch 9542940635
Gorlapalle A.Devakka Ward member 9542940635
Gorlapalle A.Lasmakka Ward member 9542940635
Gorlapalle B.Rajanna Ward member 9542940635
Gorlapalle D.Chinnakka Ward member 9542940635
Gorlapalle G.Kalabai Ward member 9542940635
Gorlapalle G.Ramesh Ward member 9542940635
Gorlapalle k.Savitha Ward member 9542940635
Gorlapalle P.Laxmi Ward member 9542940635
Jilleda Korakoppula Madhukar Sarpanch 9848176676
Jilleda A Anasurya Upa-Sarpanch 8184923725
Jilleda A Ramaiah Ward member 9010650705
Jilleda Ch Ravi Kumar Ward member 9010295619
Jilleda Ch Sammireddy Ward member 9848655160
Jilleda G Arjun Ward member 8465967149
Jilleda Gomasa Sathakka Ward member 9666773439
Jilleda Ondra Bhagya Laxmi Ward member 7721149817
Jilleda P Mallaiah Ward member 9705019136
Jilleda P Ramadasu Ward member 9618303337
Kyathanpalle Smt.Nenduguri Venkubai Sarpanch 9912659337
Kyathanpalle Takire Ollesh Upa-Sarpanch 9010626964
Kyathanpalle Choudari Srinivas Ward member 9603514856
Kyathanpalle Dobbala Ravi Ward member 9912464197
Kyathanpalle Durgam Eshwari Ward member 9542597459
Kyathanpalle Gurundla Sattakka Ward member 9603729869
Kyathanpalle Gurundla Venkatesham Ward member 9640392448
Kyathanpalle Mothe Devakka Ward member 7382353537
Kyathanpalle Nikkuri Kamala Ward member 9666104419
Lingala Sundilla Muthamma Sarpanch 8096040376
Lingala Asif Khan Upa-Sarpanch 9912575651
Lingala Agadi Chinnanna Ward member 7702307768
Lingala Chidem Marakka Ward member 8096040376
Lingala Chowdari Rangamma Ward member 9705178783
Lingala Elkari Madhunaiah Ward member 9948364779
Lingala Made Ramakka Ward member 8096040376
Lingala Odila Hanmanthu Ward member 9951951060
Lingala Seepelly Jagadeesh Ward member 9701157816
Lingala Sundilla Mondakka Ward member 9848975276
Lingala V Ramadevi Ward member 7893139559
Mulkalpet Smt Borkuti Venkatamma Sarpanch 9491617677
Mulkalpet Ennam Lingaiah Upa-Sarpanch 7382388763
Mulkalpet Ambala Pushpalatha Ward member 9492459629
Mulkalpet Athram Bakkamma Ward member 9951761442
Mulkalpet Borkuti Laxmi Ward member 9490426947
Mulkalpet Dole Rajababu Ward member 9490426947
Mulkalpet Gagguri Lingakka Ward member 9640472943
Mulkalpet Kamera Suresh Ward member 8185943986
Mulkalpet Kompuri Premalatha Ward member 9492246825
Mulkalpet Mohd Ali Ward member 9494306978
Mulkalpet Panem Gouraiah Ward member 9010626964
Neelwai V.Mallika Sarpanch 9948549380
Neelwai P.Thirupathi Upa-Sarpanch 9640722901
Neelwai ch.Kamala Ward member 9703730943
Neelwai Ch.Purushotham Rao Ward member 9912312827
Neelwai D.Jampakka Ward member 9553740834
Neelwai G.Vasanth Ward member 9603709182
Neelwai Jadi Shantha Ward member 9493536015
Neelwai K.Padma Rao Ward member 9666183342
Neelwai M.Laxmi Ward member 9848962304
Neelwai N.Kamala Ward member 9951508117
Neelwai N.Mallaiah Ward member 9912171178
Neelwai Y.Swarupa Ward member 9493183887
Sumputum Kubide Venkatesham Sarpanch 9951198496
Sumputum Chowdari Manikyam Upa-Sarpanch 9951204344
Sumputum Alam Madhukar Ward member 8500150094
Sumputum B.Mallesh Ward member 8499838431
Sumputum B.Narayana Ward member 9666182416
Sumputum Kondra Swapna Ward member 9912981623
Sumputum K.Pochamallu Ward member 9640947557
Sumputum Made Suguna Ward member 9010672731
Sumputum Sheelam Saritha Ward member 8464849104
Suraram Sri.Boddu Venkati Sarpanch 9603729869
Suraram Made Laxmi Upa-Sarpanch 9848245095
Suraram Bagala Lasmaiah Ward member 9603729869
Suraram Ema Lachanna Ward member 9603729869
Suraram Gurne Rajubai Ward member 9603729869
Suraram Kodipe Shankar Ward member 9640822636
Suraram Kusuram Parvathi Ward member 9603729869
Suraram Shanigarapu Chinnakka Ward member 9603729869
Suraram Thode Ramesh Ward member 9603729869
Vemanpalle Smt.Kubide Indira Sarpanch 8096240025
Vemanpalle Pothuganti Sathyam Upa-Sarpanch 9640601495
Vemanpalle Choudari venkatesham Ward member 7799378476
Vemanpalle Devanaboyina Kala Ward member 9666843586
Vemanpalle Ellala Mamatha Ward member 9666843586
Vemanpalle Gummela Chandrakala Ward member 9666843586
Vemanpalle Ippa thirupathi Ward member 8897616467
Vemanpalle MD Muntaz Begam Ward member 9705246752
Vemanpalle Mulkala Kamala Ward member 8096643655
Vemanpalle Telige Mashesh Ward member 9666843586
Vemanpalle Teliha Hamsa Ward member 8185812558
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