Vice-President Mobile Numbers Adilabad District in Telangana State

Adilabad All Mandal Vice-President Mobile Numbers Adilabad District in Telangana State
Adilabad B.Gangadhar Vice-President BC 9666906660
Asifabad badri satya naryana Vice-President BC 9440086799
Bazarhathnoor ALLURI SRIMATHI Vice-President OC 9490682671
Bejjur Vijaya porthati Vice-President ST 80673778
Bela N Sanjay Vice-President BC 9705581140
Bellampalle Chaduvula RAjaiah Vice-President BC 9704922594
Bhainsa Deepa Prem Reddy Vice-President OC 9440523533
Bheemini GADDAM MAHESHWAR GOUD Vice-President BC 9951042225
Boath O.VEENA Vice-President BC 9490561606
Chennur MD Ankus Vice-President BC 9948201958
Dahegaon Nerella Shailaja Vice-President BC 9505893302
Dandepalle Akukla Rajender Vice-President BC 9949279896
Dilawarpur Nagula Jeevanrao Vice-President OC 9989322880
Gudihathnur JADHEV NISHANTH Vice-President ST 9490740988
Ichoda Ch Devanand Vice-President ST 9951048216
Inderavelly Jeevane Panchasheela Vice-President SC 9441884168
Jainad Rokandla Suresh Rao Vice-President OC 9494311716
Jainoor Shek Rasheed Vice-President BC 9705257456
Jaipur Seelam Latha Vice-President SC 9988132777
Jannaram Bukya Rajagopal Vice-President ST 9441617684
Kaddampeddur P.Santhosh Reddy Vice-President OC 9959846869
Kagaz Nagar G.Indrasen Vice-President BC 7386072027
Kasipet Loudya Balaram Vice-President ST 9849966513
Kerameri Rathod Govind Nayak Vice-President ST 9177151731
Khanpur ANKAM ANUSHA Vice-President BC 9912515131
Kouthala Dubbula Venkaiah Vice-President BC 9490140001
Kubeer Sainath Bathnade Vice-President BC 9705002761
Kuntala Suryavamshi Laxman Vice-President BC 9666789488
Laxmanchanda Kondapuram Laxmi Vice-President OC 9441023282
Lokeshwaram Podutoori Ravinder Reddy Vice-President OC 9849871979
Luxettipet Padam Srinivas Vice-President BC 9849746405
Mamda Padala Srinivas Vice-President BC 8897170190
Mancherial MANDAPALLY SRINIVAS Vice-President BC 9490579097
Mandamarri Gopati Rajaiah Vice-President BC 9666321534
Mudhole Sri Ejazuddini Vice-President OC 9441374237
Narnoor Mesarm Aruna bai Vice-President ST 7382986905
Nennal Smt Sunnam Kalpana Vice-President SC 9849445190
Neradigonda ATRAM LAXMAN Vice-President ST 9440212104
Nirmal Aiendla Poshetty Vice-President BC 9059275749
Rebbana GODISHELA RENUKA Vice-President BC 9908922856
Sarangapur NARAYAN REDDY Vice-President OC 9666633530
Sirpur (T) Sri. MD Suhail Ahmed Vice-President OC 9440603970
Sirpur (U) Jadhav Gauri Bai Vice-President ST 9491304126
Tamsi Pendepu Krishna Vice-President BC 9959396162
Tandur Durgam Manga Vice-President SC 7799646618
Tanur Jadav Swathi Vice-President BC 9010522682
Tiryani MESRAM GANESH Vice-President ST 9550628216
Utnur Md.Saleemoddin Vice-President MINORITY 9440862115
Vemanpalle Odila Rajanna Vice-President BC 9441171370
Wankdi Devaboina Golla Vice-President BC 9963774836
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