ZPTC Member Mobile Numbers Adilabad District in Telangana State

ZPTC Member Mobile Numbers Adilabad District in Telangana State
ZPTC Member Mobile Numbers Adilabad District in Telangana State
Adilabad Ejjagiri Ashok ZPTC Member BC 9440125705
Asifabad koyyala emaji ZPTC Member SC 9866240402
Bazarhathnoor MUNESHWAR NARAYANA ZPTC Member SC 7702148817
Bejjur kondra sharada devi ZPTC Member BC 9666936005
Bela Nakle Ramdas ZPTC Member SC 9441125074
Bellampalle Sri. Karukuri Ramchander ZPTC Member BC 9490358584
Bhainsa Neela Bai ZPTC Member BC 9492281857
Bheemini ALLI MOHAN ZPTC Member BC 9704735729
Boath B.SAYAMMA ZPTC Member BC 9490355488
Chennur Mula Raji reddy ZPTC Member OC 8978258555
Dahegaon Lavude Sujatha ZPTC Member ST 9989513790
Dandepalle Bhukya Yeshwanth Rao ZPTC Member ST 9866427212
Dilawarpur Amgoth Sujatha ZPTC Member ST 9989253456
Gudihathnur Keshev Gitte ZPTC Member BC 9440368086
Ichoda Sonkamble Renuka ZPTC Member SC 9440196124
Inderavelly Devpuja Sangeetha ZPTC Member ST 9441850352
Jainad Pendur Ashasrani ZPTC Member ST 9491464697
Jainoor Asra Khanam ZPTC Member OC 9441138179
Jaipur Jarpula Raj Kumar Naik ZPTC Member ST 9908915022
Jannaram Noothi Laxmi ZPTC Member BC 9912491348
Kaddampeddur Thakkela Radha ZPTC Member BC 9440531294
Kasipet Routhu Sathaiah ZPTC Member BC 9052733787
Kerameri Syed Abdul kalam ZPTC Member MINORITY 9440060333
Khanpur TALLAPALLI SUNITHA ZPTC Member SC 9989586522
Kotapalle Eladi Sammaiah ZPTC Member ST 9701333283
Kouthala Dubbula Nanaiah ZPTC Member BC 9440749104
Kubeer Vasantha ZPTC Member SC 9550228448
Kuntala Rathod Vimala ZPTC Member ST 9951442139
Laxmanchanda Adwala Padma ZPTC Member BC 9848693519
Lokeshwaram Jadav Shoba bai ZPTC Member ST 9177440676
Luxettipet Chunchu Chinnaiah ZPTC Member BC 9963307759
Mamda MD Sameena Begum ZPTC Member MINORITY 9440311139
Mancherial SMT RACHAKONDA ASHA LATHA ZPTC Member OC 9849552299
Mandamarri Kambagoni Sudershan ZPTC Member BC 9573442644
Mudhole Smt. B. Laxmi ZPTC Member BC 9908345610
Narnoor Puska Rupavathi ZPTC Member BC 9490588911
Nennal Smt Kodipa Bharthi ZPTC Member ST 9908271029
Neradigonda YASMEEN ZPTC Member MINORITY 9989344430
Nirmal Vallakonda Shobharani ZPTC Member BC 9848145850
Rebbana AJMERA BABURAO ZPTC Member ST 9912587747
Sarangapur RODDA SUNITHA ZPTC Member SC 9441061543
Sirpur (T) Sri. Ajmera Ram Naik ZPTC Member ST 9441086666
Sirpur (U) Kendre Kevala Bai ZPTC Member ST 9441139007
Talamadugu Jakkula Gangamma ZPTC Member BC 9676927452
Tamsi Puli Srilatha ZPTC Member SC 9441014009
Tandur M Suresh Babu ZPTC Member BC 9951572411
Tanur Pothaji Patel ZPTC Member BC 9666665024
Tiryani VEDMA KAMALA ZPTC Member ST 9177653431
Utnur Wagmare Jagjeevan ZPTC Member SC 9440234256
Vemanpalle R. Santhosh Kumar ZPTC Member OC 9849054761
Wankdi Arigela Nageshwar Rao ZPTC Member BC 9849682419
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