Dhar Palle Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Ward member Mobile Numbers List Nizambad District All Mandals in Telangana State

Dhar Palle Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Ward member Mobile Numbers List Nizambad District All Mandals in Telangana State
Dhar Palle Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Ward member Mobile Numbers List Nizambad District All Mandals in Telangana State
Ansanpally Kurma Laxmi Sarpanch 8500612624
Ansanpally Dontula Gangadhar Upa-Sarpanch 9492207921
Ansanpally B.Sayamma Ward member 8330945763
Ansanpally G.Rajavva Ward member 9701747611
Ansanpally K.Bhuma Gangu Ward member 9490140450
Ansanpally K.Gangaram Ward member 9492211607
Ansanpally K.Narsavva Ward member 8106568261
Ansanpally MD.Ashraf Ward member 8985336360
Ansanpally R.Raghupathi Ward member 9490965446
Ansanpally Saheb Bee Ward member 9492213406
Ansanpally T.Krupanand Ward member 9492213604
Challagaraga Maggidi Raju Sarpanch 9676141486
Challagaraga E.Bhumanna Upa-Sarpanch 9701854881
Challagaraga B SATYAPAL Ward member 9989177540
Challagaraga CH SWAMI Ward member 9908933419
Challagaraga Gade Pushpa Ward member 9502447743
Challagaraga MAGGIDI VIJAYA Ward member 9676141486
Challagaraga Manda Laxmi Ward member 9494392666
Challagaraga S Sayagoud Ward member 9848972355
Challagaraga T RAJU Ward member 9652758712
Dammannapet N YAMUNA Sarpanch 9441186094
Dammannapet MOHAN Upa-Sarpanch 9666818773
Dammannapet B LAXMI Ward member 9951114437
Dammannapet B VASANTH Ward member 8500185947
Dammannapet D GANGLI Ward member 7659867302
Dammannapet G GANGU Ward member 9052221224
Dammannapet JANNI Ward member 9652579634
Dammannapet PRAVEEN Ward member 9959296648
Dammannapet SHANKAR Ward member 8466969148
Dammannapet SHYAMALA Ward member 7702446800
Dammannapet SUDHARSHAN Ward member 9959706021
Db Thanda G LAKKI Sarpanch 9440003987
Db Thanda B GANGADHAR Upa-Sarpanch 9704524788
Db Thanda B CHINNA Ward member 8374221302
Db Thanda G AMBARI Ward member 9776143720
Db Thanda G MANNI Ward member 8897456202
Db Thanda G RENA Ward member 9912629582
Db Thanda K RENUKA Ward member 8106917260
Db Thanda M SAROJA Ward member 9908342525
Db Thanda RAMU Ward member 9866971094
Dharpalle K. Gangareddy Sarpanch 9441093202
Dharpalle BC.Gangareddy Upa-Sarpanch 9440606042
Dharpalle Afreen Buguam Ward member 9440602786
Dharpalle Ameeruddin Ward member 9014157375
Dharpalle B.Shushila Ward member 7893553816
Dharpalle Chakali.Sujatha Ward member 9441784620
Dharpalle Ch.Gangarajam Ward member 9441093202
Dharpalle D.Shankar Ward member 9440221954
Dharpalle J.Rajendhar Ward member 9491533789
Dharpalle K.Sandhya Ward member 9440726871
Dharpalle M.Jamuna Ward member 9492967013
Dharpalle M.Latha Ward member 9441093202
Dharpalle O.Neela Ward member 8688642822
Dharpalle S.Potharaju Ward member 9010508893
Dharpalle U.Gangadhar Ward member 9533515999
Donkal Singari Sumalatha Sarpanch 9676442396
Donkal Kammari Nagabhushanam Upa-Sarpanch 7893004365
Donkal Aindla Radha Ward member 9494199312
Donkal Chakali Laxmi Ward member 7032064640
Donkal Dakya Lambani Ward member 9989111763
Donkal L.Renuka Ward member
Donkal Singari Bhaskar Ward member 9491315091
Donkal Tirupathi Nallavelly Ward member 9492255561
Donkal Vadla Laxmi Ward member 8008797649
Dubbak Daravath Sharman Sarpanch 9440055541
Dubbak Nalluri Shankar Upa-Sarpanch 9014954324
Dubbak Badavath Sunitha Ward member 9440055542
Dubbak Burla Laxmi Ward member 9542817642
Dubbak Busa Chandrashekhar Ward member 9553840143
Dubbak Dorla Santhosh Reddy Ward member 9441395373
Dubbak Gonda Jamuna Ward member 7893413029
Dubbak Koratpally Kishan Ward member 9542401771
Dubbak Medari Laxmibai Ward member 8099001800
Dubbak Nukala Narsaiah Ward member 9441124202
Dubbak Sirasu Pujitha Ward member 9949474685
Dubbak Talari jarjya Goldvin Ward member 9963483728
Dubbak Vadla Prasad Ward member 9963492245
Gouraram Emmadi Laxmi Sarpanch 9652633479
Gouraram Allakonda ramesh Upa-Sarpanch 9963727081
Gouraram Bukya ManSingh Ward member 9441957001
Gouraram Bykam Rajender Ward member 9652633479
Gouraram Golla Kanthamma Ward member 9492211402
Gouraram Katroth Saroja Ward member 9704843872
Gouraram Lavdya Sundhi Ward member 9704843872
Gouraram Nunavath Ramani Ward member 9491007264
Gouraram Odde Narsavva Ward member 9640367227
Gouraram Sambaru Pedda Bala Gangaram Ward member 9704839566
Govindpalle SUMALATHA D Sarpanch 8008058842
Govindpalle LALSINGH Upa-Sarpanch 9440219828
Govindpalle CHINNAIAH Ward member 8008058842
Govindpalle D LAXMI Ward member 8008058842
Govindpalle GANGADHAR Ward member 9440543235
Govindpalle K LAXMI Ward member 8008058842
Govindpalle M LAXMI Ward member 8008058842
Govindpalle RAJANNA Ward member 8008058842
Govindpalle RAJARAM K Ward member 8008058842
Govindpalle SATTEMMA Ward member 8008058842
Govindpalle YAMUNA Ward member 8008058842
Kesharam K.Raju Sarpanch 9000997707
Kesharam MG Bhaskar Upa-Sarpanch 9704776306
Kesharam A.Anasuya Ward member 9704776306
Kesharam A.Janardhan Ward member 9494959499
Kesharam D.Dattadri Ward member 9866772991
Kesharam MA.Laxmi Ward member 9704592398
Kesharam M.Narsavva Ward member 9494959499
Kesharam Y.Bojanna Ward member 9704592398
Kesharam Y.Sayamma Ward member 9866772991
Lolam ANURADHA Sarpanch 9963130904
Lolam SAVITHA Upa-Sarpanch 9676115550
Lolam GANAPATHI Ward member 8008798404
Lolam K SHEKAR Ward member 9492829568
Lolam NIKITHA Ward member 9963130904
Lolam SHYAMALA Ward member 9948820483
Lolam SRINIVAS Ward member 9948854709
Lolam SUJATHA Ward member 9963130904
Lolam VENKATESHWAR Y Ward member 9177864529
Mailaram Lokkidi Santhosh Sarpanch 9440023724
Mailaram Koli Rajendhar Upa-Sarpanch 9502354616
Mailaram Arigela Padma Ward member 8008899255
Mailaram Dulam sailu Ward member 9441631578
Mailaram Empala Laxmi Ward member 8374443624
Mailaram Engati ganesh Ward member 9550593876
Mailaram Gaddam Gangareddy Ward member 9652941789
Mailaram Jakka Pushpa Ward member 9704512599
Mailaram Kola manjula Ward member 8099336512
Mailaram MD Akbar Ward member 7893855635
Mailaram Talla Padma Ward member 8978750968
Nallavally M sujatha Sarpanch 9701040585
Nallavally Yedla sreinivas Upa-Sarpanch 9912747454
Nallavally A RADHA Ward member 9949598902
Nallavally B MAHESH Ward member 9440059604
Nallavally D GANGARAM Ward member 9492627290
Nallavally G LAXMAN Ward member 9959908658
Nallavally G VENKAVVA Ward member 9440020194
Nallavally K RAJENDHAR Ward member 9573427465
Nallavally M ANURADHA Ward member 9491532180
Nallavally M BABURAO Ward member 9490003854
Nallavally O LAXMI Ward member 8332889875
Nallavally P LAXMI Ward member 9908691138
Nallavally P LAXMI Ward member 9441952076
Ramadugu A.Maihipal Sarpanch 9494392666
Ramadugu K.Gangadas Upa-Sarpanch 9959908650
Ramadugu G.Ramesh Ward member 9963120935
Ramadugu K.Anandh Ward member 8985333759
Ramadugu K.Chinnagangaram Ward member 9959552823
Ramadugu K.Narsaiah Ward member 7702052797
Ramadugu M.Ramalatha Ward member 9492393435
Ramadugu M.Vijaya Ward member 9490139826
Ramadugu N.Shoba Ward member 9494392666
Ramadugu P.Balamani Ward member 9989891368
Ramadugu S.Laxmi Ward member 9177335114
Ramadugu S.Rajagangu Ward member 9494392666
Ramadugu V.Limbadri Ward member 9493931555
Seethaipet Ch.Bhumesh Sarpanch 9440128364
Seethaipet G.G.Ramulu Upa-Sarpanch 9441613412
Seethaipet B.Poshanna Ward member 8897444936
Seethaipet J.Mamatha Ward member 9441952792
Seethaipet J.Nadpi Poshanna Ward member 9494557697
Seethaipet M.Kavitha Ward member 9440676134
Seethaipet M.Sayavva Ward member 9440128364
Seethaipet M.Subba Ward member 9951570210
Seethaipet M.Vasanthrao Ward member 8985630685
Seethaipet P.Ashavva Ward member 8179731855
Seethaipet S.Mohan Ward member 9441203113
Sirnapalle LAMBANI BANOTH SAKRI Sarpanch 9701682010
Sirnapalle KUNDEN PURSHOTTAM Upa-Sarpanch 9948073730
Sirnapalle AKULA MANASA Ward member 9573404826
Sirnapalle BOTTE BUCHCHAVVA Ward member
Sirnapalle CHUKKABOTLA RAVI Ward member 9848345783
Sirnapalle L.AJMIRA MANGI Ward member 9705573146
Sirnapalle LAMBADI MARU Ward member
Sirnapalle MACHARLA CHINNA PADMA Ward member 9494944752
Sirnapalle MD.JAMEEL PASHA Ward member 9490511456
Sirnapalle PERKA PANASA LAXMI Ward member
Sirnapalle TALARI SATTEVVA Ward member 9492475524
Sirnapalle THOTA RAMESH Ward member 9705717395
Sirnapalle UPPU VASANTHA Ward member
Vengalpad L raisingh Sarpanch 9704383110
Vengalpad L AMBERSINGH Upa-Sarpanch 9491622108
Vengalpad ANUSHA BAI Ward member 9492882188
Vengalpad BALU Ward member 9492011816
Vengalpad BILSINGH Ward member 8978046731
Vengalpad HNMABAI Ward member 9704921408
Vengalpad L SONIBAI Ward member 9492209754
Vengalpad L SRIRAM Ward member 9440132701
Vengalpad RUKMIBAI Ward member 9440023724
Yellareddy Pally Matamla Shekar Sarpanch 9848972355
Yellareddy Pally T.Bapurao Upa-Sarpanch 9959804593
Yellareddy Pally A.Godavari Ward member 9701964744
Yellareddy Pally B.Sudha Ward member 9550919142
Yellareddy Pally G.Laxmi Ward member 9701301448
Yellareddy Pally G.Sudhareshan Ward member 8106428836
Yellareddy Pally K.Gangaram Ward member 9703374626
Yellareddy Pally M.Chinna Narsaiah Ward member 9502513381
Yellareddy Pally MD.Haseena Ward member 9676111782
Yellareddy Pally M.Sayamma Ward member 9666178465
Yellareddy Pally P.Sagar Ward member 7702996350
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