Jakranpalle Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Ward member Mobile Numbers List Nizambad District All Mandals in Telangana State

Jakranpalle Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Ward member Mobile Numbers List Nizambad District All Mandals in Telangana State
Jakranpalle Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Ward member Mobile Numbers List Nizambad District All Mandals in Telangana State
Argul Gortha Rajender Sarpanch 9848064372
Argul Dharpally Praveen Upa-Sarpanch 9912218161
Argul Allepu Narsaiah Ward member 9848248937
Argul Bobbili Latha Ward member 9848508010
Argul Bumeni Shiva Shankar Ward member 9948637378
Argul Chityala Gangu Ward member 9951856251
Argul Enuganti Srinivas Goud Ward member 9966177583
Argul Kokkera Posani Ward member 9703244104
Argul Kokkera Sudhakar Ward member 8096150443
Argul Mekala Varalaxmi Ward member 9951390695
Argul Ollem Vijaya Ward member 9848616882
Argul Peesu Pradeep Ward member 9912122233
Argul Tonta Vasantha Ward member 9848969039
Brahmanpalle Gadla Bhumika Sarpanch 9848010983
Brahmanpalle Sri.Gandla Shekar Upa-Sarpanch 9848010983
Brahmanpalle Dyavathi Dyavathi Ramesh Ward member 9989565236
Brahmanpalle Lingampally Ashok Ward member 9948974569
Brahmanpalle Nagula Shailaja Ward member 9666281630
Brahmanpalle Nerella Kranthi Kumar Ward member 9553838920
Brahmanpalle Rudra Rajender Ward member 9912973105
Brahmanpalle Smt. Barkutla Gangu Ward member 8465818662
Brahmanpalle Smt. Gandla Gangu Bai Ward member 8897005325
Brahmanpalle Smt. Irpu Sunitha Ward member 8008382134
Brahmanpalle Smt. Sheri Kantha Ward member 7893866729
Chintalur Guddeti Shobha Sarpanch 9010894698
Chintalur Nagula Limbadri Upa-Sarpanch 9492989484
Chintalur Gaddam Laxmi Ward member 9849708433
Chintalur Gaini Lingavva Ward member 9490508084
Chintalur Gangu Bai Ward member 9440474319
Chintalur Gopidi Chinna Balaiah Ward member 9440888348
Chintalur G.Venkat Narayana Ward member 9440747565
Chintalur Nagula Laxmi Ward member 9849398084
Chintalur Nagula Saroja Ward member 9490558398
Chintalur Nagula Srinivas Ward member 9490558398
Chintalur Puppala Santhosh Ward member 9441953729
Jakranpalle Katipally Sattevva Sarpanch 9441525461
Jakranpalle Katipally Narsa Reddy Upa-Sarpanch 9441525461
Jakranpalle Badavath Maru Ward member 9440619324
Jakranpalle B Pushapalatha Ward member 9505083829
Jakranpalle B Rajender Ward member 9492476048
Jakranpalle B Vanamala Ward member 9441050172
Jakranpalle CH Shyam Sunder Ward member 9490094722
Jakranpalle Ganna Dasu Ward member 9440006731
Jakranpalle G Srinivas Ward member 9949268160
Jakranpalle Nunavath Maru Ward member 9640215674
Jakranpalle P Sharadha Ward member 9705052669
Jakranpalle S Chandra Shekar Ward member 9948254145
Jakranpalle S Gangamani Ward member 9705288948
Jakranpalle Tokala Sattemma Ward member 9440888287
Kaligote Talari Gangadhar Sarpanch 8185076766
Kaligote Alluri Srinivas Upa-Sarpanch 9440069180
Kaligote Bollam Laxmi Ward member 8463283496
Kaligote Dammagoudolla Anuradha Ward member 9553840166
Kaligote Kammari Nagamani Ward member 9440559080
Kaligote Karre Laxmi Ward member 8463283229
Kaligote Naika Lalitha Ward member 9848419210
Kaligote Nalmela Mallaiah Ward member 9948433270
Kaligote Odde Sujatha Ward member 9553840160
Kaligote Pandena Krisha Kumar Ward member 9494959159
Kaligote Talari Tirupathi Ward member 9493721918
Kaligote Toorpu Mahender Goud Ward member 9533528098
Kaligote Utnoor Mahender Ward member 9505388854
Keshpally Mengani Sumalatha Sarpanch 9441525520
Keshpally M Bhaskar Goud Upa-Sarpanch 9866647760
Keshpally A Vasuram Ward member 9494957885
Keshpally B Saritha Ward member 9951597667
Keshpally G Prasanna Ward member 9490208890
Keshpally M Saikumar Ward member 9441525520
Keshpally M Suguna Ward member 9441395825
Keshpally M Sumalatha Ward member 9494561994
Keshpally T C Ganga Srinu Ward member 9440746725
Keshpally T Shankar Ward member 8985802230
Keshpally Y Borravva Ward member 8185995335
Kolipaka Smt Sushila Vempally Sarpanch 9440882048
Kolipaka Srinivas Goud Vempally Upa-Sarpanch 9440882048
Kolipaka Ankari Amrutha Ward member 9505404912
Kolipaka Ankesh Bhaskar Ward member 9441203097
Kolipaka Bhudevi Peddamolla Ward member 9010715527
Kolipaka Bhudevi Pitla Ward member 8008694433
Kolipaka Ganapathi Padakanti Ward member 9912050030
Kolipaka Jangam Sanjiv Rao Ward member 9603458837
Kolipaka Markala Harika Ward member 9951324939
Kolipaka Tirupathi Pannala Ward member 9640559090
Kolipaka Vinodha Dasari Ward member 8499995879
Lakshmapur Gajula Savitha Sarpanch 9494198106
Lakshmapur Gattu Muttenna Upa-Sarpanch 9912469414
Lakshmapur Ajemra Gopal Ward member 9912787809
Lakshmapur Chitti Ramulu Ward member 9963997825
Lakshmapur Dandu Mutyala Ward member 9948980546
Lakshmapur Dandu Padma Ward member 8790695633
Lakshmapur Dudekula Apsara Ward member 9951328020
Lakshmapur Gajula Rajashekar Ward member 9550567850
Lakshmapur Nallolla Ramu Ward member 8790497512
Lakshmapur Nunaavath Meera Bai Ward member 9912292420
Lakshmapur Talari Mounica Ward member 9494895271
Manoharabad Patkuri Tirupathi Reddy Sarpanch 9848430347
Manoharabad Rodda Suresh Upa-Sarpanch 9948405957
Manoharabad Alluri Bhudevi Ward member 9550919997
Manoharabad Alluri Naveen Ward member 9666185555
Manoharabad Chemmeti Mohan Ward member 9618022266
Manoharabad Kudala Sattemma Ward member 9440491740
Manoharabad Madhari Gangamani Ward member 9866773735
Manoharabad Parakala Manasa Ward member 8978750140
Manoharabad Parakala Venkateshwar Goud Ward member 9490260177
Munpalle Bayee Sayanna Sarpanch 9441423490
Munpalle Padamati Ramesh Upa-Sarpanch 9640445604
Munpalle Basa Gangamani Ward member 8500030243
Munpalle Doura Ganga Reddy Ward member 9948673757
Munpalle Golla Addari Gangamani Ward member 8497951377
Munpalle Gousia Begum Ward member 8463227571
Munpalle Gummerla Prameela Ward member 9912217699
Munpalle Guttameedi Chinna Sayanna Ward member 9493671021
Munpalle Jatroth Gangaram Ward member 9848151029
Munpalle Neelam Acchamma Ward member 9866814052
Munpalle Nunaavath Dhoori Bai Ward member 8985128842
Munpalle Nunaavath Sudhakar Ward member 8143629684
Munpalle Talari Suman Ward member 9705052828
Narayanpet Aluri Bhaskar Reddy Sarpanch 9848407275
Narayanpet Tota Chinna Gangaram Upa-Sarpanch 9160657497
Narayanpet Bejjaram Gangaram Ward member 8985390854
Narayanpet Gajula Laxmi Ward member 8106627775
Narayanpet Ghanapuram Tara Bai Ward member 9493361854
Narayanpet Issapally Laxmi Ward member 9000686270
Narayanpet Maduguri Laxmi Bai Ward member 9542379156
Narayanpet Velma Muttenna Ward member 9848363632
Narayanpet Yatalam Sayanna Ward member 9848702462
Padkal Badavath Sunitha Sarpanch 9704051459
Padkal Puppala Srinivas Upa-Sarpanch 9966630034
Padkal Badavath Meeru Bai Ward member 7702802304
Padkal Badavath Rukma Bai Ward member 9490512238
Padkal Bondla Sravan Kumar Ward member 9703176117
Padkal Ega Prasanna Ward member 9849683935
Padkal Ega Sandhip Ward member 9849683935
Padkal Gaindla Chinna Reddy Ward member 9553667676
Padkal Guddeti Veena Ward member 9014656875
Padkal Katipala Ramesh Ward member 9848937411
Padkal Katke Balamani Ward member 7702939782
Padkal Rangu Bala Goud Ward member 9849287571
Padkal Talari Sayamma Ward member 9581696067
Poppalpalle Smt. Azmeera Rena Sarpanch 9440756683
Poppalpalle Azmera Rangya Upa-Sarpanch 9440756683
Poppalpalle Chatla Jaya Ward member 9492254471
Poppalpalle Chinta Narsaiah Ward member 9989883634
Poppalpalle Golla Nadpi Mallu Ward member 8121060803
Poppalpalle Smt.Bukya Yamuna Ward member 9849527026
Poppalpalle Smt.Kandula Laxmi Ward member 8121508351
Poppalpalle Smt. Keluth Meena Ward member 9441539450
Poppalpalle Smt.Ravula Muttemma Ward member 7893516975
Poppalpalle Touda Sayanna Ward member 9494561405
Sikindrapur Chandragiri Laxmi Sarpanch 7842260434
Sikindrapur Lolam Jagadhishwar Upa-Sarpanch 9573631310
Sikindrapur Appala Arun Ward member 7702945515
Sikindrapur Appala Sujatha Ward member 9848179076
Sikindrapur Bodasu Venkamma Ward member 9618504119
Sikindrapur Chandragi Sadhashiv Ward member 8712845069
Sikindrapur Ollepu Sujatha Ward member 9010827891
Sikindrapur Rathod Suresh Ward member 8790959268
Sikindrapur Smt. Gunja Laxmi Ward member 9963314571
Sikindrapur Smt.Sirnapally Shobha Ward member 9705705121
Sikindrapur Sri Chintam Santhosh Ward member 8885553136
Thorlikonda Jessu Manjula Sarpanch 9676213077
Thorlikonda Mulgu Bhaskar Upa-Sarpanch 9704256697
Thorlikonda Baindla Sujatha Ward member 8499832530
Thorlikonda Darbastu Narsu Bai Ward member 9849907210
Thorlikonda Jakkula Sadanand Ward member 9963868089
Thorlikonda Kanaka Bujji Ward member 9603306523
Thorlikonda Maggidi Shankar Ward member 9985450653
Thorlikonda Mekala Savitha Ward member 9603306523
Thorlikonda Pallapu Srinivas Ward member 9640173036
Thorlikonda Pendyala Gangu Ward member 9701569804
Thorlikonda Talla Laxmi Ward member 9505491340
Thorlikonda Vinodh Kumar Ward member 9989908257
Thorlikonda Y Gangadhar Ward member 9948571567
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