Kammar Palle Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Ward member Mobile Numbers List Nizambad District All Mandals in Telangana State

Kammar Palle Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Ward member Mobile Numbers List Nizambad District All Mandals in Telangana State
Kammar Palle Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Ward member Mobile Numbers List Nizambad District All Mandals in Telangana State
Ameernagar Varanam Gangubai Sarpanch 8790990225
Ameernagar Jilla Pedda Mallesh Upa-Sarpanch 9603292281
Ameernagar Dasari Chinna Balaiah Ward member 9640812544
Ameernagar Elmala RajaGangu Ward member 9948060463
Ameernagar Elmala Rajendhar Ward member 9948946919
Ameernagar Gugolth Prema Ward member 9542339169
Ameernagar Harkuppala Manisha Ward member 9948320115
Ameernagar Kandari Bhumeshwar Ward member 9912750749
Ameernagar TarunBegam Ward member 9951040263
Basheerabad BODA JAMUNA Sarpanch 9553560118
Basheerabad MD.SALIM Upa-Sarpanch 9951026160
Basheerabad BASHETTI LAXMI Ward member 9912750246
Basheerabad Kolipyaka Bhudevi Ward member 7799435102
Basheerabad MELLA SUHASANI Ward member 9542561035
Basheerabad Palepu Vasantha Ward member 9603295399
Basheerabad RATNAPURAM GANGU Ward member 9603289899
Basheerabad Sakkaram Narayana Ward member 9848688902
Basheerabad SINGARAPU ELLAIAH Ward member 9948826082
Basheerabad SRI RAMULU MURALI Ward member 9948123509
Basheerabad THUKKADI LAVANYA Ward member 9553702325
Basheerabad THUTU SWAPNA Ward member 8465873025
Basheerabad TOPARAPU SRINIVAS Ward member 9666936342
Choutupalle ALLA KONDA RAJANNA Sarpanch 9010567253
Choutupalle Boga Ramesh Upa-Sarpanch 9912684403
Choutupalle Burra Limbadri goud Ward member 9640367074
Choutupalle Chityala rajinikanth Ward member 9705019700
Choutupalle Chouhan Sudhakar Ward member 9160501960
Choutupalle Kundlepu Bhuedevi Ward member 7382311160
Choutupalle Mekala Saraswathi Ward member 9441349996
Choutupalle Puranam Sankuntala Ward member 9603627418
Choutupalle Samara Manjula Ward member 9640737355
Choutupalle Satta Soumayarani Ward member 9603175331
Choutupalle Sura Swami Ward member 9948057163
Choutupalle Yeshala Banttu Venkati narsaiah Ward member 9640229691
Choutupalle Yeshala Limbayee Ward member 9010520895
Hasakothur Bakkuri Gopi Sarpanch 9440741979
Hasakothur Mugala Ramulu Upa-Sarpanch 9441728246
Hasakothur Gaddam Raju Ward member 8332823875
Hasakothur Jumbarath Padma Ward member 9490299569
Hasakothur Kundarapu Sravan Ward member 9492795859
Hasakothur Mandapalli Mahendhar Ward member 9440587128
Hasakothur MD Haimad Ward member 9492792209
Hasakothur Mothini Sattemma Ward member 9912750362
Hasakothur Palepu Murali Ward member 9492362992
Hasakothur Peddi Gangu Bai Ward member 9440741979
Hasakothur Podeti Laxmi Ward member 9440741979
Hasakothur Yedula Rajendhar Ward member 8297092173
Inayat Nagar Sri CH Narendhar Sarpanch 9542414621
Inayat Nagar Sri Sabavath Somanayak Upa-Sarpanch 9542182704
Inayat Nagar Smt. A Radha Ward member 9951090979
Inayat Nagar Smt. A Vanaja Ward member 9912976564
Inayat Nagar Smt. L Saritha Ward member 8096447014
Inayat Nagar Smt. M Duli Ward member 7731916037
Inayat Nagar Smt. M Raju Ward member 8096981225
Inayat Nagar Smt. P Bavai Ward member 9603568837
Inayat Nagar Sri T Limbaiah Ward member 9912788024
Kammarpalle Smt. Maithili Balerao Sarpanch 9848071133
Kammarpalle Smt. Navath Anitha Upa-Sarpanch 9963555306
Kammarpalle Basa Sravanthi Ward member 9966801503
Kammarpalle Chguri Rajinikar Ward member 9951343616
Kammarpalle Mailaram Sudhakar Ward member 8790070650
Kammarpalle Mailaram Swetha Rani Ward member 8790070650
Kammarpalle Palaharam Pochaiah Ward member 9848328771
Kammarpalle Power Ankush Ward member 9848293648
Kammarpalle Smt. Lolapu Gouthami Ward member 9885670586
Kammarpalle Smt.Salluri Sumalatha Ward member 9948955879
Kammarpalle Sri.Gaddam Swami Ward member 9666888668
Kammarpalle Sri.Lolapu Suman Ward member 9885670586
Kammarpalle Sri. Makkam Vinod Ward member 8886066306
Kammarpalle Theegila Anasur
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