Lingampet Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Ward member Mobile Numbers List Nizambad District All Mandals in Telangana State

Lingampet Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Ward member Mobile Numbers List Nizambad District All Mandals in Telangana State
Lingampet Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Ward member Mobile Numbers List Nizambad District All Mandals in Telangana State
Banapur K Kala Sujathha Sarpanch 9948687314
Banapur G Kishtaiah Upa-Sarpanch 9676474437
Banapur Bandi KLavitha Ward member 9441769523
Banapur Byagari Anasuya Ward member 9490299291
Banapur D Komini Ward member 9440472456
Banapur D Sanjeevulu Ward member 9491462773
Banapur D Shankar Ward member 8500609409
Banapur Golla Laxmi Ward member 9491464470
Banapur K Anjaiah Ward member 9440312871
Banapur K Kashavva Ward member 9491589581
Banapur K Sailu Ward member 8106848019
Bhavanipet Beerakayala Sanjeevulu Upa-Sarpanch 9441964698
Bhavanipet Askula Sailu Ward member 9492582339
Bhavanipet Dobbala Anjavva Ward member 8179360282
Bhavanipet Gudishetti Lingamurthy Ward member 9491675386
Bhavanipet Gundra Sathyanarayana Ward member 9849196337
Bhavanipet Kammari Pandari Ward member 9905521840
Bhavanipet Kapumandru Kavitha Ward member 9494251713
Bhavanipet Mergu Gangamani Ward member 9948313774
Bhavanipet Naguloori Kamalavva Ward member 9848970768
Bhavanipet Racharla Vani Ward member 9491589794
Bonal Kurma Laxmi Sarpanch 9490171642
Bonal Kalal Pratap Goud Upa-Sarpanch 9640897852
Bonal K Mahesh Goud Ward member 9491462410
Bonal K Sanjeevulu Ward member 7661012701
Bonal Lambadi Badli Ward member 9440570142
Bonal Lambadi Tavurya Ward member 7702892534
Bonal Neela Allevva Ward member 9676061343
Bonal S Sunanda Ward member 8500609409
Bonal Vadla Anitha Ward member 9553663233
Jaldipally Narva Jayamma Sarpanch 9440789941
Jaldipally Besta Kishan Upa-Sarpanch 9948643055
Jaldipally Allakunta Hanmavva Ward member 9849066327
Jaldipally Besta Raju Ward member 9490257642
Jaldipally Daravath Amri Ward member 8897556386
Jaldipally Dyavala Ramulu Ward member 8179552145
Jaldipally Kallu Pramila Ward member 8106461773
Jaldipally Maduri Ravikumar Ward member 9440573679
Jaldipally Mallela Narsavva Ward member 9652327331
Jaldipally Manne Ramavva Ward member 9912993402
Jaldipally Pothuganti Kashavva Ward member 9492649538
Korpole Nafeeza Begum Sarpanch 9912460133
Korpole Ch Sayanna Upa-Sarpanch 9441490538
Korpole Alle Ellaiah Ward member 9440156828
Korpole Ch Ellavva Ward member 8790467026
Korpole Devuni Parvaiah Ward member 9000260592
Korpole Duvvala Savitha Ward member 8331963029
Korpole G Kalavathi Ward member 9927272536
Korpole G Kishtavva Ward member 0
Korpole G Malkavva Ward member 9010764306
Korpole ileni Ellavva Ward member 8106343947
Korpole Lambadi Valki Ward member 9440823551
Lingampally(Kurd) Dodla Surender Goud Sarpanch 9441322223
Lingampally(Kurd) E Bheem Rao Upa-Sarpanch 9705771881
Lingampally(Kurd) Boda Kishan Ward member 9963076555
Lingampally(Kurd) Galem Sumitra Ward member 9492010336
Lingampally(Kurd) Jugadi Sayavva Ward member 9491533491
Lingampally(Kurd) Kethavath Bujji Ward member 9494715440
Lingampally(Kurd) Kethavath Laxmi Ward member 9494260767
Lingampally(Kurd) Kummari Amruthava Ward member 8184810315
Lingampally(Kurd) Lambadi Peerya Ward member 9502779392
Lingampally(Kurd) Miryala Anjavva Ward member 9441322223
Lingampally(Kurd) Raparthi Sangaiah Ward member 9705771881
Lingampally(Kurd) Rudraboina Ramulu Ward member 7382667509
Lingampally(Kurd) Vontari Raji Reddy Ward member 9441769795
Lingampet Podavolla Balamani Sarpanch 9441922600
Lingampet M.A.Afroz Upa-Sarpanch 9490029967
Lingampet andhyala Savitha Ward member 9705640567
Lingampet Bejugam Dhevendhar Ward member 9441792659
Lingampet Chakali Alluri Ward member 9494020225
Lingampet Chakali Narsavva Ward member 9951080821
Lingampet Ellagondda Mamatha Ward member 9494260715
Lingampet Madiga Lingavva Ward member 9951603483
Lingampet MamidiChinna Sangaiah Ward member 9440867098
Lingampet Mudham Rambai Ward member 9440123861
Lingampet Pokala Sairam Ward member 9440798859
Lingampet Pullaboyina Rajaiah Ward member 9491536276
Lingampet Rajaram Anjavva Ward member 9441827768
Lingampet Roathao Rukminibai Ward member 9440193984
Lingampet Suppala BalaLaxmi Ward member 9440617681
Mangaram CHINTAKINDI SHANKARAVVA Sarpanch 9703950940
Mangaram U SATYA PRASAD Upa-Sarpanch 9440480411
Mangaram CH LAXMI Ward member 0
Mangaram CH LAXMI Ward member 9542270547
Mangaram Ch Rajitha Ward member 9640897994
Mangaram K Balagoud Ward member 9441490585
Mangaram K Laxminarayana Ward member 9492212619
Mangaram K Sattavva Ward member 0
Mangaram T Sailu Ward member 9666698707
Mombajipet Gurrapu Kistaiah Sarpanch 9440202584
Mombajipet Manja Hannas Rao Upa-Sarpanch 9440889929
Mombajipet D.Mothibai Ward member 7382843800
Mombajipet Gaini Laxmavva Ward member 9490722367
Mombajipet G.Santhosh Ward member 9603152380
Mombajipet Jarpula Dasharat Ward member 9490011324
Mombajipet Kammari Laxmi Ward member 9492252985
Mombajipet Manja Chandribai Ward member 9441027767
Mombajipet M. Jyothi Ward member 9490149688
Mombajipet M.Kashiram Ward member 7382668296
Mombajipet S.Gangadhar Ward member 9492254631
Mothe Gaddam Bal Reddy Sarpanch 9441316378
Mothe Moogulla Manevva Upa-Sarpanch 9492479830
Mothe Azmira Mena Ward member 9441264864
Mothe Chaakali Chandraiah Ward member 9494260203
Mothe Dhyamani Pochavva Ward member 7702657265
Mothe Gadham Baalavva Ward member 9490680540
Mothe Gadham Gangavva Ward member 8978621220
Mothe Gungreddy Madhusudhan Reddy Ward member 9441726359
Mothe Machha Lakshmi Ward member 9491464159
Mothe Pandhiri Chinna Ramulu Ward member 9494261706
Mothe Sayyad Maqbul Pasha Ward member 9441154303
Nallamadugu J.NARAYANA Sarpanch 7674927269
Nallamadugu J.BHASKER Upa-Sarpanch 9949873175
Nallamadugu B.RENUKA Ward member 9705282758
Nallamadugu D.RAVINDHAR Ward member 9441567511
Nallamadugu GOLLA POCHAIAH Ward member 8500447708
Nallamadugu JEGGARI KALAVATHI Ward member 9492621248
Nallamadugu KAMLEE Ward member 9490416224
Nallamadugu LAMBADI SAKSEE Ward member 9492207411
Nallamadugu NIMMALA RAMESH Ward member 9441058769
Perumalla M.Gamagaiah Sarpanch 8331036167
Perumalla K.Srinivas Upa-Sarpanch 9440822850
Perumalla A.Sairaju Ward member 9494558670
Perumalla B.Laxmi Ward member 9491588212
Perumalla E.Anasuja Ward member 9948315718
Perumalla L.Lalitha Ward member 9603907478
Perumalla M.Bujji Ward member 9701337583
Perumalla M.Demi Ward member 9492254127
Perumalla M.Mohan Ward member 9492966135
Perumalla M.Ravindar Ward member 9603080705
Perumalla R.Sardar Ward member 8464046822
Polkampet Vadla Manjula Sarpanch 9441594723
Polkampet Arkari Kavitha Upa-Sarpanch 9666725500
Polkampet Bairam Raju Ward member 8179305806
Polkampet Basani Susheela Ward member 9553979194
Polkampet Basu Yashoda Ward member 9603152612
Polkampet Diviti Ramesh Ward member 9705571337
Polkampet Garaboyina Ashok Ward member 9849520225
Polkampet Lambadi Lakshmi Ward member 9010244330
Polkampet Lambadi Manki Ward member 9492474808
Polkampet Nayikoti Ramesh rao Ward member 9704594142
Polkampet Neela Parvavva Ward member 8499876079
Polkampet NIjjana Lasmaiah Ward member 9912692230
Polkampet Nijjana Sayavva Ward member 9010584990
Pothaipalle l.devja Sarpanch 9490510362
Pothaipalle p.vittavva Upa-Sarpanch 7730917290
Pothaipalle gangaram Ward member 9440147357
Pothaipalle g.asaiah Ward member 9848914648
Pothaipalle g.kasaiah Ward member 9666809422
Pothaipalle g.laxmi Ward member 9493515242
Pothaipalle g.narsavva Ward member 9553697443
Pothaipalle k.mohan Ward member 7032218577
Pothaipalle k.rajender Ward member 9490241383
Pothaipalle l.bhulli Ward member 9492252892
Pothaipalle l.hari Ward member 9440493369
Pothaipalle m.balamani Ward member 8096373768
Pothaipalle p.balamani Ward member 9912878270
Shetpalle sabavath kamala Sarpanch 9440150691
Shetpalle yedurugatla kista goud Upa-Sarpanch 9493143448
Shetpalle aareti sayavva Ward member 9492010359
Shetpalle attem pochavva Ward member 9959119135
Shetpalle bandaruboina balayya Ward member 9440721565
Shetpalle boddu devavva Ward member 8499876018
Shetpalle devasoth santha Ward member 9491313947
Shetpalle ketavath komini Ward member 9701961288
Shetpalle manne balayya Ward member 9491534471
Shetpalle nalla vittal Ward member 9490407166
Shetpalle yedurugatla saya goud Ward member 9441658464
Shetpalle Sangareddy maloth banni Sarpanch 8497972622
Shetpalle Sangareddy bitla sailu Upa-Sarpanch 9440568063
Shetpalle Sangareddy byagari yelisha Ward member 9492479406
Shetpalle Sangareddy chakali sailu Ward member 9848538395
Shetpalle Sangareddy dhuddu lachavva Ward member 9848688414
Shetpalle Sangareddy Eeragalla yadhagire Ward member 9948474022
Shetpalle Sangareddy kammari laxmi Ward member 9491622163
Shetpalle Sangareddy kampi dhurgavva Ward member 9440312729
Shetpalle Sangareddy katroth angoori Ward member 8096581936
Shetpalle Sangareddy lagala sathyavva Ward member 9951186408
Shetpalle Sangareddy masannagari shankaraiah Ward member 9499867598
Shetpalle Sangareddy neela renuka Ward member 9490065220
Shetpalle Sangareddy neela srinivas Ward member 9553014701
Shetpalle Sangareddy nenavath redya Ward member 9490055464
Shetpalle Sangareddy yellanngari renamma Ward member 9010163136
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