RAMACHANDRAPURAM Mandal Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Ward member Mobile Numbers Medak District in Telangana State

RAMACHANDRAPURAM Mandal Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Ward member Mobile Numbers Medak District in Telangana State
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Mandal Sarpanch | Upa-Sarpanch | Ward member Mobile Numbers Medak District in Telangana State

Mandal Village Name Mobile no's
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Bandlaguda M. JAYAMMA Sarpanch 9912183549
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Bandlaguda T. SUSHEELA Upa-Sarpanch 9963552131
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Bandlaguda ASMA BEGUM Ward member 9347610762
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Bandlaguda C. SURESH REDDY Ward member 8885662555
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Bandlaguda J. LAXMAN Ward member 9701508220
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Bandlaguda K. BHAGYA LAXMI Ward member 9704143917
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Bandlaguda K. MALLESH Ward member 9951471384
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Bandlaguda M. CHANDRA SEKHAR Ward member 9949123809
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Bandlaguda MD. IBRAHIM Ward member 9030284857
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Bandlaguda M. RAJAMMA Ward member 8008144574
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Bandlaguda P. CHANDRAMMA Ward member 9177537270
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Bandlaguda RAGHUPATHI Ward member 9010594869
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Bandlaguda T. ANURADHA Ward member 9010535672
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Bandlaguda T. ARJUN Ward member 9393539346
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Bandlaguda YADAMMA Ward member 8008817751
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Edulanagulapalle MUKKERA LAKSHAMMA Sarpanch 9948969261
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Edulanagulapalle KAVELI VITTAL Upa-Sarpanch 9346996001
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Edulanagulapalle B RUKKAMMA Ward member 9502186325
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Edulanagulapalle C SUJATHA Ward member 9440617894
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Edulanagulapalle KAMMARI SHANKAR CHARY Ward member 9912533044
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Edulanagulapalle KUMMARI KAMALAMMA Ward member 9949346289
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Edulanagulapalle MD KHADEER Ward member 9959257752
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Edulanagulapalle OGGU PADMA RAO Ward member 9848671783
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Edulanagulapalle P.ANITHA Ward member 9394865651
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Edulanagulapalle P PARVATAMMA Ward member 9391281235
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Edulanagulapalle S ANJANEYULU Ward member 9603137115
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Kollur V Tagoor naik Sarpanch 9603938636
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Kollur K Raju Goud Upa-Sarpanch 9666613666
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Kollur Anasuya Ward member 9951379996
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Kollur A Vijay Kumar Ward member 9866984712
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Kollur D Sreeya Latha Ward member 9849893296
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Kollur G Jayalaxmi Ward member 9705897999
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Kollur G Krishna Ward member 9848048866
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Kollur K Lalitha Ward member 9246160530
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Kollur Laxmi Ward member 9948480962
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Kollur P Raju Ward member 9603939820
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Kollur S Janardhan Reddy Ward member 9912526051
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Kollur S Mallesh Ward member 9666688388
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Kollur Y Yadamma Ward member 9000467455
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Osman Nagar GANDLA .KALPANA Sarpanch 9848377592
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Osman Nagar PARSA SHYAM RAO Upa-Sarpanch 9849601783
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Osman Nagar BANKA SUSHEELA Ward member 9849742189
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Osman Nagar BORRA KAMALAMMA Ward member 9912772263
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Osman Nagar KAVALI RAMADEVI Ward member 9704147211
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Osman Nagar K.LAXMI NARAYANA Ward member 9177773642
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Osman Nagar PARASA PENTAIAH Ward member 9701456277
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Osman Nagar THALARI SRILATHA Ward member 9912496063
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Tellapur Mallepally Somiraddy Sarpanch 9618356789
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Tellapur Ragam Devender Yadav Upa-Sarpanch 9490129448
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Tellapur Aluguni Rajesh goud Ward member 8106667999
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Tellapur CNV Balaji Ward member 9963701146
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Tellapur G.Sandhyarani vishnu Ward member 9505550057
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Tellapur Gudla Kalpana sagar Ward member 9849960730
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Tellapur GulliPentamma Pochaiah Ward member 9676707016
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Tellapur J Archana yadilal Ward member 9640190060
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Tellapur Kanapuram Sreepal Reddy Ward member 9948196246
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Tellapur K Manjula Sridhar Ward member 7396213300
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Tellapur Kote Sravani Raju Ward member 9989703804
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Tellapur K sumathi Ramdas Ward member 9985077320
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Tellapur Marepally Nirmala ellora Ward member 9966904145
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Tellapur M Pavani Shekar Ward member 9666889655
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Tellapur M Philomina Prakash Ward member 9951551964
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Tellapur Rajamllu Srinivas Ward member 9948059990
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Tellapur Uppari Ravinder Ward member 9948233952
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Velmula N ANGAMAIAH Sarpanch 9959796334
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Velmula A SANTHOSH Ward member 9948234615
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Velmula A YADAGIRI Ward member 9392513366
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Velmula DANALAXMI Ward member 7702085237
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Velmula G MALAMMA Ward member 9652008002
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Velmula M ANANTHA LAXMI Ward member 9160668375
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Velmula M SRIDAR Ward member 9966022003
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Velmula N SRIKANTH Ward member 9948675921
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Velmula O KOMARAIAH Ward member 9948687001
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Velmula S LALITHA Ward member 8106066927
RAMACHANDRAPURAM Velmula S VIRAMMA Ward member 9866020887
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