Nawabpet Mandal Ward member Mobile Numbers List RangaReddy District in Telangana

Nawabpet Mandal Ward member Mobile Numbers List RangaReddy District in Telangana State
Mandal Village Name Ward member Caste Mobile no's
Nawabpet Kadcharla S.Muthyalu Ward member BC 0
Nawabpet Kadcharla D.Sugunamma Ward member SC 0
Nawabpet Kadcharla Venkataiah Ward member SC 9849869967
Nawabpet Kadcharla Ch.Manjula Ward member BC 9704952880
Nawabpet Kadcharla Amruthamma Ward member SC 9989634229
Nawabpet Madaram U Satyamma Ward member BC 0
Nawabpet Madaram M Lakshmaiah Ward member BC 1
Nawabpet Madaram T Yadaiah Ward member SC 9502906240
Nawabpet Madaram B Manjula Ward member BC 9573497420
Nawabpet Madaram K. Lakshamma Ward member BC 9949083491
Nawabpet Madaram T Mogulamma Ward member SC 9959083516
Nawabpet Madaram K Srinivas Ward member SC 9652707536
Nawabpet Arkathala G.Srinavas Ward member SC 9618000161
Nawabpet Arkathala V.Laxmi Ward member BC 9866810923
Nawabpet Arkathala M.Padmamma Ward member BC 9676471443
Nawabpet Arkathala T.Mugulaiah Ward member SC 9704985848
Nawabpet Arkathala KG.Anjamamma Ward member BC 8106907998
Nawabpet Arkathala M.Shanthamma Ward member SC 9676471443
Nawabpet Arkathala M.Anjaiah Ward member BC 9849573765
Nawabpet Arkathala B.Renuka Ward member SC 96764714
Nawabpet Arkathala A.Kistaiah Ward member BC 9676471443
Nawabpet Meenapalle Kalan Umanamma Ward member BC 9618897426
Nawabpet Meenapalle Kalan Anjaiah Ward member SC 9908282102
Nawabpet Meenapalle Kalan Laxmi Ward member SC 9550554135
Nawabpet Meenapalle Kalan Ananthamma Ward member OC 9989704327
Nawabpet Meenapalle Kalan Srisalam Ward member BC 9550218912
Nawabpet Meenapalle Kalan sHANKARAMMA Ward member BC 9618138817
Nawabpet Meenapalle Kalan Nagi Shitty Ward member BC 9618897426
Nawabpet Meenapalle Kalan Ramaiah Ward member SC 9908043362
Nawabpet Meenapalle Kalan vimalamma Ward member SC 8978805062
Nawabpet Nawabpet N.Ranemma Ward member OC 9866327840
Nawabpet Nawabpet G.Padmamma Ward member OC 9177116788
Nawabpet Nawabpet M.Janga Reddy Ward member OC 9652996546
Nawabpet Nawabpet K.Padma Ward member BC 9966870635
Nawabpet Nawabpet kishtaiah Ward member SC 9866799518
Nawabpet Nawabpet k narsimulu Ward member BC 9642850379
Nawabpet Nawabpet U.Narayana Ward member BC 9849935648
Nawabpet Nawabpet G Devamma Ward member BC 9912823271
Nawabpet Nawabpet N Prema Latha Ward member OC 9908230042
Nawabpet Madireddipalle A.Mallaiah Ward member BC 9441225783
Nawabpet Madireddipalle H.Anapurna Ward member SC 0
Nawabpet Madireddipalle K.Jangaiah Ward member BC 8331849908
Nawabpet Madireddipalle M.Yadamma Ward member BC 8374052820
Nawabpet Madireddipalle G.Srilatha Ward member SC 9490626593
Nawabpet Madireddipalle Y.Gopal Ward member SC 0
Nawabpet Madireddipalle Affserkhan Ward member OC 9866405654
Nawabpet Madireddipalle Y.Rukkamma Ward member BC 9573176644
Nawabpet Madireddipalle D.Varalaxmi Ward member BC 9704244249
Nawabpet Yellakonda h Jogaiah Ward member BC 9949721472
Nawabpet Yellakonda M Balamma Ward member SC 8186807366
Nawabpet Yellakonda p Ramiya sri Ward member BC 9949297107
Nawabpet Yellakonda RAGAVENDAR GOUD Ward member BC 9849182001
Nawabpet Yellakonda j Venkataiah Ward member SC 9908112949
Nawabpet Yellakonda p Sujatha Ward member OC 9493740031
Nawabpet Yellakonda m Saretha Ward member BC 9640255810
Nawabpet Yellakonda k Rukkamma Ward member BC 8977702738
Nawabpet Yellakonda k Ramulu Ward member BC 9502107283
Nawabpet Yellakonda k Chandraiah Ward member SC 9989379500
Nawabpet Yellakonda k Buchamma Ward member SC 8978886007
Nawabpet Mubarakpur B.Venkataiah Ward member SC 8978135937
Nawabpet Mubarakpur S.Vanaja Ward member OC 0
Nawabpet Mubarakpur Laxmamma Ward member SC 0
Nawabpet Mubarakpur J.Alevelu Ward member BC 9573168854
Nawabpet Mubarakpur A Chandraiah Ward member SC 9963810061
Nawabpet Mubarakpur Y.Ranga Reddy Ward member OC 0
Nawabpet Mubarakpur Amruthamma Ward member BC 9848867814
Nawabpet Gubbadfathepur Parveen Begum Ward member BC 9505209927
Nawabpet Gubbadfathepur S K Babbar Ward member BC 9963442482
Nawabpet Gubbadfathepur Mekala Mallamma Ward member SC 9908239577
Nawabpet Gubbadfathepur Begari Mallaiah Ward member SC 9949598226
Nawabpet Gubbadfathepur Sharifa Bee Ward member BC 9908691814
Nawabpet Gubbadfathepur Edigi Laxmi Ward member BC 9989512136
Nawabpet Gubbadfathepur Mekala Balamma Ward member SC 8978330443
Nawabpet Gangeda Raghupathi reddy Ward member SC 9573441696
Nawabpet Gangeda .Laxmamma Ward member BC 9959441096
Nawabpet Gangeda P.Dasthaiah Ward member BC 9963453468
Nawabpet Gangeda U Padmamma Ward member BC 9666053219
Nawabpet Gangeda E.Kistamma Ward member BC 9949464639
Nawabpet Gangeda G.Padma kala Ward member SC 9912456419
Nawabpet Gangeda P.Nagarjuna Redyd Ward member OC 8790751744
Nawabpet Lingampalle CH.Padma Sri Ward member BC 9963810221
Nawabpet Lingampalle C.Narsimlu Ward member BC 9700779211
Nawabpet Lingampalle CH.Jangaiah Ward member SC 9959570251
Nawabpet Lingampalle H.Ramaiah Ward member SC 9908641380
Nawabpet Lingampalle S.Pandu Ward member BC 9849614675
Nawabpet Lingampalle K.Vasantha Ward member BC 9989075243
Nawabpet Lingampalle K.Lalitha Ward member BC 9177664831
Nawabpet Pulumamidi C.Manemma Ward member SC 9989860614
Nawabpet Pulumamidi V.Narsimhlu Ward member BC 9949602745
Nawabpet Pulumamidi C.Ravinder Reddy Ward member OC 9908885850
Nawabpet Pulumamidi K.Shantamma Ward member SC 9550564125
Nawabpet Pulumamidi J.Anitha Ward member BC 0
Nawabpet Pulumamidi D.Tirimalaiah Ward member BC 9866560600
Nawabpet Pulumamidi Osman Qureshi Ward member MINORITY 9704039006
Nawabpet Pulumamidi T.Manemma Ward member BC 9908282611
Nawabpet Pulumamidi A.Sattemma Ward member OC 9704894338
Nawabpet Pulumamidi N Santosha Ward member SC 9908112940
Nawabpet Pulumamidi V.Mallesham Ward member BC 9652075021
Nawabpet Ekmamidi ranemma Ward member OC 0
Nawabpet Ekmamidi sk.shafeeyodin Ward member MINORITY 0
Nawabpet Ekmamidi B.Pochamma Ward member BC 0
Nawabpet Ekmamidi ramulu Ward member BC 0
Nawabpet Ekmamidi pulamma Ward member SC 0
Nawabpet Ekmamidi J.Nagamma Ward member BC 0
Nawabpet Ekmamidi T.Nagamma Ward member SC 0
Nawabpet Ekmamidi Bharathamma Ward member SC 0
Nawabpet Ekmamidi M.Srinivas Ward member BC 0
Nawabpet Ekmamidi Vijay kumar Ward member BC 0
Nawabpet Ekmamidi M.Venkataiah Ward member SC 0
Nawabpet Chittigidda A.PADMAMMA Ward member SC 9985885469
Nawabpet Chittigidda Y.MANGAMMA Ward member BC 7673953442
Nawabpet Chittigidda Y.PADMAMMA Ward member BC 9959570191
Nawabpet Chittigidda S.RAMULU Ward member BC 9440586718
Nawabpet Chittigidda A.ESAIAH Ward member SC 8801119193
Nawabpet Chittigidda K.SRISILAM Ward member BC 9666958376
Nawabpet Chittigidda P.SATHYAMMA Ward member SC 9849203574
Nawabpet Chittigidda G.KAVITHA Ward member BC 9553523015
Nawabpet Chittigidda Y.NARAYANA Ward member BC 9502373235
Nawabpet Keshavapalle A.ANANTHAMMA Ward member SC 9963508438
Nawabpet Keshavapalle P.JAIPAL REDDY Ward member OC 9550219447
Nawabpet Keshavapalle A.ANUSUJA Ward member BC 7702328110
Nawabpet Keshavapalle PARWATHAMMA Ward member SC 9948952088
Nawabpet Keshavapalle P.RAJALINGAM Ward member BC 8008976263
Nawabpet Keshavapalle G.SATHYAMMA Ward member BC 9000125805
Nawabpet Keshavapalle M.KISTA REDDY Ward member OC 9989379978
Nawabpet Ethirajupalle C.SATHYAMMA Ward member SC 9949761289
Nawabpet Chinchelpet K.MANEMMA Ward member SC 9618739022
Nawabpet Chinchelpet U.RAMULAMMA Ward member BC 9701410233
Nawabpet Chinchelpet B.LAKSHMAIAH Ward member SC 9908904801
Nawabpet Chinchelpet K.LASHMAIAH Ward member BC 9704107892
Nawabpet Chinchelpet BSANJEVALU Ward member SC 9652079532
Nawabpet Chinchelpet V.CHANDRASHEKAR Ward member BC 9963507831
Nawabpet Chinchelpet P.LAKSHMI Ward member BC 9676504661
Nawabpet Chinchelpet P.RAMULU Ward member BC 9177129746
Nawabpet Chinchelpet P.NAGAMMA Ward member SC 9573039377
Nawabpet Aknapur adivamma Ward member BC 9666114887
Nawabpet Aknapur souduguna Ward member BC 9963298440
Nawabpet Aknapur Kistamma Ward member SC 99632984
Nawabpet Aknapur Sanjeeveelu Ward member SC 9666114887
Nawabpet Aknapur Yadamma Ward member SC 9640744306
Nawabpet Aknapur vijaya Ward member BC 9959842523
Nawabpet Aknapur gopal goud Ward member BC 9704895115
Nawabpet Aknapur yelaiah Ward member SC 9177001465
Nawabpet Aknapur ramesh Ward member SC 9705704727
Nawabpet Poolapalle S.Yashodha Ward member BC 8790877607
Nawabpet Poolapalle T.BAlraj Ward member SC 9908020121
Nawabpet Poolapalle Ch.Ranga Reddy Ward member OC 9951866636
Nawabpet Poolapalle B.Laxmi Ward member SC 8106724670
Nawabpet Poolapalle E.Venkataiah Ward member BC 9949015917
Nawabpet Poolapalle Begum Bee Ward member OC 9848493775
Nawabpet Poolapalle G.Manik Reddy Ward member OC 9618738830
Nawabpet Poolapalle B.Krishna Ward member BC 0
Nawabpet Poolapalle B.Ananthamma Ward member SC 9010112447
Nawabpet Kojavanampally E.Premila Ward member SC 8374463003
Nawabpet Kojavanampally G.sujatha Ward member SC 8374463003
Nawabpet Kojavanampally Md.Shireef Ward member BC 9866548470
Nawabpet Kojavanampally E.Laxmi Ward member SC 9652546450
Nawabpet Kojavanampally V.Ramulu Ward member BC 9702424275
Nawabpet Kojavanampally K.Bagamma Ward member BC 8374463003
Nawabpet Kojavanampally MRaju Ward member SC 9949243004
Nawabpet Kojavanampally Ch.venkatamma Ward member BC 9618879520
Nawabpet Kojavanampally T.Rathanamma Ward member SC 8374463003
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